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Color Choices

Not every barn needs to be red and white. These days, you'll see green, brown, or even gray-colored buildings for barns and garages. Sometimes, this combination of colors gives the building a subdued quality; green, stone, or burnished slate easily blend in with the surroundings, if that's what you're looking for. But when you're looking for the right color to make your pole barn stand out, gallery blue or crimson red has often been known to do the trick.

Get the pole barn in just the right shades you need at no additional cost from DIY Pole Barns. We offer 18 different color choices, all for the roof, siding, trim, and sliding doors. Some optional features, such as overhead doors, cupolas, and skylight wall panels, have multiple color choices, too. Aren't sure what works together? Try out our Barn Color Modeler to come up with just the right combination.