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Enhance Your New Barn with Our Exterior Pole Barn Options

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Ridge Vent Wall & Roof Customizable Options Real Stories

The finishing touches let you create a pole barn that’s uniquely yours – including additional features or protections. Learn more about the exterior pole barn options available to you!

Continuous Ridge Vent

The rib pattern of metal roofing can leave a small gap in the top of any barn. A continuous ridge vent seals that gap with breathable strips contoured to the metal ribs.

Not only does a continuous ridge vent improve ventilation and comfort, it also reduces condensation that can lead to air quality concerns for horses and livestock. If you’re planning to house any animals in your new barn, a continuous ridge vent is a must!

Continuous Ridge Vent

Wall & Roof Sheathing

Upgrade your pole barn walls and roof with additional sheathing to improve the overall structural integrity and help fight against the constant assault of moisture that any building experiences. We offer several types of sheathing for roofing and walls:

Wall Sheathing

Roof Sheathing

Cupola with Weathervane

No barn is complete without the traditional cupola. Your pole barn can have one or more cupolas shipped and ready to install, along with one of several types of weathervanes to go with it. Cupolas can be 24”, 36” or 48” in size.

Not only do they add a unique class to your pole barn, cupolas help improve ventilation. Whether you’re using your pole barn as a workshop or just for storage, every bit of ventilation makes your barn more enjoyable to use.


One of the most popular pole barn exterior options, wainscoting both enhances the visual appeal of your barn. DIY Pole Barn’s wainscoting is a 36” skirting around the base of your barn with a customizable color to add a two-tone look to your barn.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, wainscoting can help prevent incidental damage to your main pole barn walls, such as kicked up gravel from lawn mowers or other vehicles.

Skylight Wall Panels

Windows aren’t the only way to let your pole barn interior enjoy a little extra sunlight. Our skylights are polycarbonate panels positioned at the top of the eave side walls that span the entire length of the barn.

Available in both frosted white and clear versions, you can choose to place them on just one or both eave sides of your barn to capture as much natural light as possible.

Metal Roofing & Siding Thickness

The gauge of metal roofing and siding refers to its thickness. Standard DIY Pole Barns come with 29-gauge panels for roofing and siding. However, if you live in areas with extreme weather, you may benefit from the increased thickness of 26-gauge metal.

Snow Bars

If your area experiences tough winters, you know how snow can avalanche off a roof. Snow bars are fastened to the roof to prevent accumulated snow from avalanching down and causing serious damage to gutters, landscaping or anything you may have surrounding your pole barn.

While our pole barns are designed to withstand the peak snow loads of your area, snow bars help protect everything around your barn. They’re a great option for new pole barns built in the Midwest and beyond, where yearly snowfall is expected to be heaviest.

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pole barn wood structure

Curtis' Story

"…I know people are skeptical of letters like this praising companies, but DIY is the real deal. You don’t have to take my word for it, look at the pictures that I have provided of my completed project and you will see…”

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pole barn wood structure

Butch & Karin’s Story: Happy Horse Products USA

This is Butch & Karin’s story. What they say, “Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how pleased we are with our new barns. It has been almost a year ago when the heavy snow and ice took down our other barn. It was only 2 years old, but back then we made a poor choice and bought a metal barn. A lot of metal barns were lost here last winter…”

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pole barn wood structure

Ray's Story

“Our overall experience with DIY Pole Barns was great! The whole experience from start to finish was made very simple by DIY Pole Barns. They worked with me on style, size, colors, and they even helped me during construction. Your team was very courteous and professional, and your pricing was very competitive. I have recommended DIY Pole Barns to everyone I know.”

Hilton, NY

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pole barn wood structure

Carl's Story

“I must say that it seems every time I hire someone to do construction related jobs, I am disappointed. I am pretty picky when it comes to buying or hiring construction items. Long story short, I have been very pleased in dealing with DIY, the preferred builders and the quality of the materials received…”

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