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Pole Barn Kit Prices

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The cost of your DIY Pole Barn kit varies depending on location, size, and customization.

Our kits start around $15,000 and increase in price depending on size, features, and current material costs.

Most Popular Pole Building Kit Prices

All prices you’ll find on this page are current and correct – we constantly update the pole barn kit prices based on the material and labor for post-frame construction.

(Labor costs may vary depending on location, so please double check with our project consultants first!)

(Post-frame buildings pictured below may include options not included in advertised price.)

Small dark red pole barn with one main entrance and a small door


Most Popular Small Pole Barn Kit, Sample

Size: 24'x32'x12'

As low as: $15,748.55

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Most Used For: Garages, Mancaves, Small Storage Sheds

  • 12" Eave Overhangs
  • One (1) 16' x 8' OHD Opening (No Door Included)
  • One (1) 36" Six Panel Entry Door
  • Continuous Ridge Vent
  • Laminate Structural Columns
  • Condensation Barrier on the Roof
  • Residential Stamped Plans
Medium gray pole barn with two entrances and a small door


Most Popular Medium Pole Barn Kit, Sample

Size: 36'x48'x12'

As low as: $24,852.93

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Most Used For: Garages, Storage Sheds, Barns

  • 12" Eave Overhangs
  • Two (2) 10' x 10' OHD Opening (No Door Included)
  • One (1) 36" Six Panel Entry Door
  • Continuous Ridge Vent
  • Laminate Structural Columns
  • Condensation Barrier on the Roof
  • Residential Stamped Plans
Large ivory pole barn with two main entrances and a small door


Most Popular Large Pole Barn Kit, Sample

Size: 40'x80'x14'

As low as: $37,444.00

Customize Me!

Most Used For: Horse Barns, Agriculture, Commercial

  • 12" Eave Overhangs
  • Two (2) 12' x 12' OHD Opening (No Door Included)
  • One (1) 36" Six Panel Entry Door
  • Continuous Ridge Vent
  • Laminate Structural Columns
  • Condensation Barrier on the Roof
  • Residential Stamped Plans
Commercial white pole barn with four main entrances and a small door


Most Popular Commercial Pole Barn Kit, Sample

Size: 50'x96'x16'

As low as: $60,819.25

Customize Me!

Most Used For: Commercial Businesses

  • 12" Eave Overhangs
  • Four (4) 12' x 14' OHD Opening (No Door Included)
  • One (1) 36" Six Panel Entry Door
  • Continuous Ridge Vent
  • Laminate Structural Columns
  • Condensation Barrier on the Roof
  • Commercial Stamped Plans
Horse riding arena pole barn in stone color with one main entrance

Horse Riding Arena

Most Popular Horse Riding Arena Pole Barn Kit, Sample

Size: 60'x96'x14'

As low as: $51,113.63

Customize Me!

Most Used For: Horse Barns, Agriculture, Commercial

Two 16'x14' split doors and one 3' steel entry door

Ready for a Custom Quote?

The pole barn prices listed here are only a sample of what’s available!

DIY offers hundreds of sizes and features for you to choose from. We also offer custom pole barn kits, so you can build the pole barn you’ve envisioned!

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White pole barn with a large green door

Pole Barn Kit Prices

Many pole barn companies offer lists of up-to-date pole building kit prices on their websites for you to browse, so that you can find the solution that fits your budget. But remember, price is only part of the equation! The core principle of post-frame buildings is simple, and that leaves a lot of room to find a kit that fits your needs.

How are Pole Barn Kits Priced?

As you shop for your pole barn kit, notice the pricing on the various websites you visit. Despite the almost universal claim of “highest quality at the lowest prices,” not all pole barn kits are created equally. So, how do you decide which to choose?

A great place to start is to learn how pole barn kits are priced. At most companies, pricing for a basic pole barn kit depends on many things, especially:

1. The quality of the products
2. The size of your pole barn
3. Your location

DIY Pole Barns offers quality post-frame construction kits with great benefits – all at a price that’s easier to fit into your budget. Find out what makes our post-frame kits the perfect balance of quality and price.


Do Your Research

Be sure to do your research! Check out the many reputable pole barn companies online to compare post frame kit prices, product quality, custom options, and the company itself.

Just starting your search? Google is an excellent resource, and many post-frame construction companies have basic prices for you to view.

If you’re still researching pole barn kit prices, we’ve included our most popular kits and prices on this page for your convenience.

It's Not Just About Price

It's easy to get distracted by prices, and forget to check out the other equally important factors that affect your pole barn – like quality and the company selling the kit.

Be sure to research the company online, check out reviews, and look into its social media presence. All these things give great insight into both the quality of your pole barn and the quality of the company selling it!

Learn more about DIY Pole Barns

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If you’d like to quote your pole barn kit, and lock the price in for 7 days, please use our Instant Quote! tool. This allows you to select most of the options available for your kit, and receive an instant pole barn kit cost quote with no strings attached.

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Custom Kits Prices

Custom kits are very popular at DIY Pole Barns! Our clients enjoy the freedom and flexibility to do things the way they want to do them, which is why we offer so many custom features and options to choose from.

What’s the Cost of a Custom Pole Barn Kit?

When it comes to a custom kit, the options are endless! This is a wonderful problem to have, but unfortunately, infinite customizations make it impossible to list out all the pole barn kit prices. But that wouldn’t make much sense, anyway, because your custom kit is different than most everyone else’s!

So there's only one price you need – the cost of your custom kit.

Guess what? You can still find out how much your custom pole barn kit will cost! Just select the custom options you want with our Instant Quote! tool, and receive a quote instantly!

DIY Pole Barns kit being assembled

What Custom Options are Available?

When you see all the options available, it’s no wonder that most barn owners choose to customize their barn kit! And why not? Everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting a pole barn, which means that the perfect pole barn for one person just won’t work for another.

Custom options from DIY include skylight wall panels, post rot protection, windows, and more! View the complete list of custom features.

I’m Not Sure What I Want or Need

It’s okay if you’re unsure about the exact specifications of your pole barn; that’s why we’re here.

In fact, consider us your personal consultants – call us with your questions, and we’ll happily discuss the answers with you!

Quote Your Custom Pole Barn

Curious about how much your custom kit will cost? Find out with our Instant Quote! tool. This tool allows you to choose the size of your barn, the additional features you want, and enter your location for an extremely accurate quote.

If you’d rather discuss what you want with someone from our DIY Team, give us a call: (937) 547-9100

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What’s In My Pole Barn Kit?

Why go through the frustration of going to the lumber yard only to receive poor customer service and an incomplete material package? With pole barn kits from DIY Pole Barns, everything you need is delivered to you ready for assembly. Bring your friends over to set it up. Nothing's better than a day of good friends, cool tools, and building barns.

Tools illustration by DIY Pole Barns


All pole barn kits start as premium-grade lumber, sturdy code-compliant wood trusses, and high-quality metal roofing and siding. All come with everything from vented closures and fasteners and to roof, wall, and door trims for a complete building kit.
View a complete list of what our Standard Pole Barn Kits Include on the Features page.

Pole barn kit options illustration by DIY Pole Barns

Available Options

Many options are available for your building. Each of these options allow to you increase the beauty and efficiency of your tool shed or workshop. You can customize the structure with overhangs, porches and lean-to's, overhead, sliding, and entry doors, windows, wainscoting, cupolas, post rot protection, increased roof pitch, and insulation, to name a few. Don't hesitate to contact us today.
View a complete list of available options for standard and custom pole barn kits.

Pole barn kit blueprints illustration by DIY Pole Barns


Don't worry, we wouldn't leave you without blueprints. They're the map to the perfect building, and each page gives you detailed directions for assembling the structure. We are also available through email or by phone for any questions you might encounter through the building process.

Yes! Building Plans are available separately. The cost of the plans will be used as a credit toward your future pole barn purchase. Read more answers to frequently asked questions!

We Draw the Line

Sorry, but we Do Not customize our kits to include:

  • Attic & Gambrel Roofs
  • Mono-Slope Roofs
  • Hipped Roofs
  • Raftered Roofs (Except for Lean-To's)
  • Additions to Existing Buildings
  • Concrete Floors
  • Interior Partition Walls
  • Second Floor Lofts
  • Wood Siding
  • Dormers
  • Valleys
  • Framing-Only Packages

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