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Horse BarnPole buildings are designed for storage, and this includes the housing of animals. Many are set up and used as horse barns on a farm, with a few modifications needed. The building needs to have some climate control and, as far as horses are concerned, needs space for stalls and hay storage. Pole buildings come in small and large sizes, and all of these are ideal for storing your livestock.

A horse barn must be sturdy and needs to stay temperate through hot and cold weather. Additionally, the building shouldn't be made with sharp or protruding edges. Pole barns are considered the easiest horse shelters to construct, as the frame goes up in a day and the cost of a kit is less than constructing a barn from scratch. Inside, the shelter needs space for stalls and hay and must have a door large enough for all animals to enter. Some horse barn designs can support eight stalls inside, while smaller shelters are ideal or three or fewer animals.

Although stalls inside are easy to construct, the most important aspect of setting up a horse barn is temperature control. All shelters must have reflective insulation, which protects all animals inside from heat stress. Horses and other animals don't have cooling mechanisms and are easily overheated. For an animal, being in a hot space for a long period of time results in lower production and possibly death.

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The temperature inside the horse barn should not go above 60°F, as the roof and walls do not adequately absorb solar radiation. Adding reflective insulation to the roof controls the interior temperature of the horse barn, as the material –foil layers with or without foam – reflects heat away from the building. Additionally, the reflective material also assists with controlling condensation inside.

Adding reflective insulation and modifying the interior of the horse barn should be done as soon as the pole building is set up and secured. If you're not certain about horse barn designs or floor plans, consult an architect or builder in your area to develop the most efficient system for your animals.

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