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The DIY Pole Barns Team is happy to offer you the most simple, affordable, and complete pole barn kit experience available online. Get to know us!

Who We Are

Based in rural Western Ohio – the epicenter of the pole barn industry – DIY Pole Barns focuses on providing you with affordable prices, the highest quality products, and superior customer service. We do everything necessary to ensure that each do-it-yourself pole barn project reflects the same high-quality standards as we hold ourselves.

Why Choose DIY

What to Expect: The DIY Experience

Our valued clients come first. We’ve worked for over a decade to perfect our exclusive style of customer service so that our clients feel welcomed by our team and never pressured. We choose to treat everyone who calls in just as we’d like to be treated – respectfully and honestly.

Who We Are


We want your do-it-yourself pole barn experience to be as simple and easy as possible.

All of our pole barn designs and options are created with you in mind. We use only the highest quality materials and components, and we provide you with easy-to-follow plans with each pole barn kit we ship. This helps to ensure successful construction of your new, do-it-yourself pole barn project!

Simple & Easy Process

When you receive your kit, you’ll find premium-grade lumber, sturdy code-compliant wood trusses, and high-quality metal roofing and siding. You’ll also find concrete footers and fasteners to roof, wall, and door trims with each order, as well as all the necessary roof, wall, and door trims.

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Simple & Easy-to-Use Color Selector Tool

The vast majority of our clients want a pole barn that’s visually flexible as well as attractive. For you, we offer a Color Selector tool that you can use to visualize the color of your pole barn!

Our wide selection of colors come in everything from earth tones and Classic Red to Gallery Blue. These choices are available for use in roofs, siding, trim, sliding doors and even wainscoting.

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Simple & Quick Delivery and Unloading

When delivering your pole barn kit, we provide an experience that is complete and user-friendly. Your barn kit is delivered to you FREE, and it arrives within three to four weeks of your order. (Even during our busiest season, we are rarely ever more than five weeks out.) We also offer FREE on-site unloading by the delivery driver and FREE expert support from our DIY Pole Barns team via phone and email. Our team is happy to walk you through every step of the DIY process!


At DIY Pole Barns, we pride ourselves on our cost-effective pole barn solutions.

Affordable Pole Barn Kits & Delivery

We don't need to inflate our prices to cover the cost of delivery trucks, high-end showrooms, or flashy advertising. Instead, we have built strong relationships with our vendors, which enables us to provide great pricing while still delivering the best product to your building site. By keeping our overhead low, we happily pass these savings along to you.

Affordable Financing Options

Need financing for your pole barn project? Through our friends at Admirals Bank, we have the solution for you! These fiscal experts have a long history of providing affordable financing options for countless home improvement projects, including our popular do-it-yourself barn kits.

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With DIY Pole Barns, you get everything you need to get your pole barn project started. All our projects utilize premium-grade lumber, code-compliant wood trusses, and Galvalume® metal roofing and siding, which offers a 25-year warranty, and a modified siliconized polyester paint with a 40-year chalk and fade warranty.

Complete Plans & Blueprints

In addition to our quality lumber, truss and metal, you will also receive a complete set of blueprints detailing every aspect of your pole barn design. We email this multi-page plan to you within days of your purchase to help you stay on track with permit applications. It also serves as a valuable reference during the construction of your DIY Pole Barn.

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Complete Your Project with Builders

If you want a DIY Pole Barn but don't have the time to build it yourself, the pole barn professionals in our Preferred Builder Network can complete it for you! These contractors recognize our strict standards of service, quality and value, and they work for a very competitive wage.

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Why Choose DIY

At DIY Pole Barns, our commitment to customer service means providing you with the most comprehensive online pole barn-building experience. Whether you need a horse shelter, a riding arena, a garage, or a workshop - and these are just some of the possibilities – you will always get a top-notch, easy-to-assemble structure with DIY Pole Barns.

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