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Pole Barn Questions & Answers

A do-it-yourself pole barn is an amazing new concept in pole barn construction, and we are here to help you every step of the way!

Below is a list of 20 of the most common questions DIY Pole Barns customers have regarding many aspects of the do-it-yourself pole barn process. You’ll also find our replies to give you quick and easy answers to these common questions.

If you have further questions – or need more clarification on any answer listed below -- feel free to contact our friendly sales team, who is always willing to help. Just pick up the phone and dial (937) 547-9100, or email us at sales@diypolebarns.com.

How can you sell your barn kits for so much less than my local suppliers?

We are a high volume/low margin distributor. We focus solely on supplying our customers with the finest materials at the lowest possible price. Simply said, with our tremendous buying power we are able to secure materials at a lower cost and pass these savings on to our customers.

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Do I have to pay sales tax?

We are only required to collect sales tax in Ohio. We are not required to collect sales tax in any other state. Each State does have a sales use tax law in effect to collect sales tax from out-of-state purchases. Please consult with your local tax professional for more information.

Can I customize my barn kit?

Yes! We have many options available for customizing your barn kit to your specific needs.
Please see our Custom Pole Barn Kits page for all the available options.

Do you offer financing?

We are happy to accept credit cards. Many of our customers have taken advantage of the zero-percent APR and "points" offers by such banks as Citi, Chase and Discover.

Additional financing options are available through our friends at Admirals Bank of Boston, MA. They can have homeowners officially approved within 24 hours and receiving funds in as soon as 12 days.

For more information check out our Pole Barn Financing options.

What if the barn size I want is not listed on your standard kits page or your Instant Quotes! tool?

We offer every size barn up to 70’ wide and 20’ tall. In some areas, we only go as wide as 40’. (Call for details.) The price of the custom-size barn will be the same as the standard-size barn that is one size larger. For instance, we offer standard widths of 24’ and 28’. If you want a 26’ wide barn, it will be the same price as the 28’ wide barn. The same example works for lengths and heights.

Call us at (937) 547-9100.

Can I purchase the building plans before purchasing the entire barn kit?

Yes. The cost for the building plans is $250.00. This will then be utilized as a credit toward the barn kit at your time of purchase.

How long after my purchase will I receive the building plans?

Typically within one week.

What is the gauge and warranty of the painted metal roofing and siding?

The metal is 29-gauge and carries a 25-year corrosion warranty. The paint carries a 40-year chalk, fade, and peel warranty. We also offer 26 gauge metal roofing and siding for an additional charge.

How long after ordering our barn kit will it be delivered?

Our standard delivery time is within 3-4 weeks after your purchase. Even in our busiest season we are rarely ever over 5 weeks out.

Do I need a forklift to unload the materials?

No. Our delivery trucks haul with an all-terrain forklift. The delivery driver will gently unload your materials and place them near the building site.

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What if something is missing or damaged?

It is your responsibility to check your materials for shortages and damage. You have up to 14 days after delivery to contact us with any issues. If missing or damaged materials are discovered after the 14 day deadline, you are responsible for the material cost and delivery fee. This also applies when utilizing any of our Preferred Builders.

How does the Preferred Builder system work?

It operates as a referral system. Although we work closely with these builders, we hold no official affiliation with them. We can assure you that they are some of the finest pole barn builders to be found, and they work for a very competitive wage. If you choose to hire a Preferred Builder, you purchase the barn kit from us, and contract with the Preferred Builder for the labor to erect it.

Do you deliver outside the defined service area?

No. This is due to many reasons, including local code requirements and shipping issues.

What colors are available?

We offer 18 different color choices for your barn's roof, siding, trim, sliding door, and wainscot. Use our Barn Color Selector to find the best color combination for your barn!

What does your kit include?

A full listing of our standard materials can be viewed on our features page.

How much concrete is included for the footers?

We will include a pre-cast concrete footer designed to support your building. On the larger barns – 50’ wide and greater – we will supply bags of concrete mix to form an appropriate size footer. In the rare case when your local code calls for more than we supply, the customer is responsible for supplying the additional concrete.

Can I receive nails for my nail gun rather than the 16D nails?

Yes. We are able to supply Paslode nails in lieu of the 16D framing nails. If you have any other brand nail gun, we will be happy to credit the cost of the 16D nails so you can purchase the proper nails locally.

What brand garage doors do you supply?

CHI Overhead doors. Our standard non-insulated door is their model 2250, while our standard insulated door is CHI's Model 2283. You can view these doors at their website http://chiohd.com.

What tools do I need to construct the barn kit?

For the biggest part of the project, basic tools are all that are required. Tools such as a hammer, circular saw, tin snips, drill with ¼” nut driver, tape measure, level, and square. You also will need to acquire equipment for drilling the post holes and setting the trusses.

Do I need to worry about my metal siding being corroded by the treated wood?

No. We utilize MCA-treated lumber which does not share the corrosive characteristics of ACQ-treated lumber.

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