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Read stories of real pole barn owners who have worked with DIY! From equestrian barns to man caves and everything in between, discover just how much people love their barns!

Ray's Story

Exploring DIY's Full Value

"Am I getting what it is that I need to get for the money that I'm spending? With DIY Pole Barns we've certainly done that."

Listen to Ray explain the importance of DIY's value by watching his video.

Tim's Story

First-time do-it-yourselfer’s point of view

“I've always done a lot of remodeling in homes, but I've never really constructed a whole building.”

Hear more about what Tim has to say about DIY by watching his video.

John's Story

Fast and Easy Delivery

“It actually came ahead of schedule. Everything came at one stop.”

Hear the rest of John’s story by watching the video!

Sydney's Story

An Equestrian’s Point-of-View

“It's an 18 stall barn and they had it up in about 9 days.”

Hear more about what Sydney has to say about DIY by watching her talk about her experience in this video.

Rick's Story

Dreams Become Reality

DIY Pole Barns helped me to make the barn of my dreams a reality. From the design, to the delivery, and technical support in building the barn myself has been exceptional. The quality of lumber and steel is top notch. I did all of this over the phone and having never met these guys in person, I feel like I know them personally from the support I have received. What other pole barn provider do you know that the owner of the company would give you his personal number to access him after hours to answer technical questions? DIY Pole Barns provides building packages that are affordable and the quality that you expect.

Emlenton, PA

Butch & Karin's Story

Happy Horse Products USA

Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how pleased we are with our new barns. It has been almost a year ago when the heavy snow and ice took down our other barn. It was only 2 years old, but back then we made a poor choice and bought a metal barn. A lot of metal barns were lost here last winter.

I went looking for a structure to replace the barn, which was used for hay storage, and came upon your site. I looked at every barn imaginable and priced a lot of them. When I priced your buildings, I couldn't believe the pricing. It was well below what we ever thought a pole barn would cost. Of course, leary of a internet company, I continued my search for a suitable building. After getting a lot of proposals back, no one could touch yours. I decided it was time for a phone call. I got a very knowledgeable person on the other line, who not only was patient with me and my 1,001 questions, but also turned out to be a good Christian. Two traits I highly value in a person.

After lots of thinking, budgeting, and looking around for other builders that where local, we decided to get two buildings from DIY Pole Barns. After we made the final decision on size, colors and options, and placed our deposit, things went fast. We decided to let the Preferred Builders build our two new barns. They are very good at what they are doing, and very fast. They worked at least 12 hours a day and had our buildings done in 4 days. They started Monday around noon and left here on Friday around noon. A very nice, respectful crew that knew what they had to do to get the job done.

Here we are 2 months later and there are 2 brand new buildings on our property, and 6 happy horses that don’t have to spend another winter outside.

Thank you, DIY Pole Barns and your building crew, for a great service and a great product. We have been recommending your company to all our friends.

Butch and Karin
Happy Horse Products USA
Palmyra, VA

Rob's Story

True Love

I LOVE this building......my ONLY mistake was making it too small. If I could do-over I'd make it 10' longer. Anyway, Your Preferred Builder did a terrific job putting it together. A few months later I did a 4" gravel, wire and 5"concrete. I wired it 12V with 2 deep cycle batteries and a small solar panel. I also installed standard house switches/keyless light fixtures and fluorescent lights. Last fall I added the woodstove. This fall I'm installing a shower and deep sink with 12V pump from 300 gallon tanks. I keep a tractor, implements, a '75 Blazer, army cot, and work shop there. It's my man cave and hunting lodge.

Lexington, VA

Curtis' Story

The Real Deal

I cannot express enough my satisfaction with DIY Pole Barns professionalism and courtesy. DIY is “the best of the best” at what they do! They are completely knowledgeable about every aspect of what is required to get you the building that you need, and get it to you at the right price! I spent over a year researching and doing cost analysis, comparing whether to buy a large shed, build a garage or build a pole building. I searched everywhere, friends, Craigslist, the internet, local home improvement stores as well as local builders and building stores. I was never satisfied with what I could get for my money; sheds were too small and too expensive, garages had more code requirements and were also very costly, and pole buildings… well they were just too expensive, and getting a contractor to build them, the costs were out of the question.

I lucked upon DIY Pole Barns when searching the internet. I priced a building on line with no hassle at all. I couldn’t believe the price! DIY’s material cost was 25 to 40% lower than any quotation that I had found elsewhere, using all top quality materials. The cost that they offered to build the building was also more than 30% less than comparable estimates. It looked like I was about to save about 50% of what everyone else had been telling me… this was too good to be true!

I called DIY and spoke to their sales team (I am leery of internet only companies, I like to talk to real people), here is what I received for my call, professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and most of all honesty, which made me know that these were the guys to do business with. They knew my building codes and everything that I would encounter with my environment, and even offered to speak with the inspectors and the building department if I needed help understanding and explaining terminology and building codes. These guys were great!

DIY placed me in contact with their preferred builders who built my barn. This was a spectacular experience! They built my barn complete in 1-½ days. Other contractors said a week to two weeks, and they wanted much more money. DIY’s preferred building team was professional and their experience and attention to detail really showed.

I know people are skeptical of letters like this praising companies, but DIY is the real deal. You don’t have to take my word for it, look at the pictures that I have provided of my completed project and you will see. In an era where customer service and keeping your word almost means nothing, DIY Pole Barns still treasures these values by providing excellence.

As a testament to your good service, please feel free to contact me if you have potential customers who would like to speak to me directly regarding your products or service.

Gaylord, MI

Carl's Story

Rewarding Work

I must say that it seems every time I hire someone to do construction related jobs, I am disappointed. I am pretty picky when it comes to buying or hiring construction items. Long story short, I have been very pleased in dealing with DIY, the preferred builders and the quality of the materials received. The on-line process is quite easy and actually fun to use. It easily shows you the cost while considering different options. Once I decided what I wanted, working with DIY's designers was equally rewarding. Building was delivered and materials placed where I wanted them. Driver was very helpful and pleasant to work with. Erection of the building was delayed due to the rainy weather this fall but well worth the wait. The "preferred builders" did a great job and were done in less than 4 days.

I would and am highly recommending your company and products to everyone who asks. Thanks for providing such a nice product.

Warren, OH