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All the material was perfect so much that my contractor might call you for the next kit. You guys were great to work with, and I will get another kit when I move to my next house. Plus, I will tell everyone that asks about your company. Thanks again!
Battle Creek, MI

I purchased a 30 X 40 barn from your company. It was assembled this past week, and I have to tell you how impressed I have been with your company. From day one this has been a great experience. Dustin, our sales rep, was great to work with and the preferred builder, Jason and his crew, were just great. These guys built my barn in just a few days, and you could tell by watching that these guys knew what they were doing. From the low price to the easy to use webpage (for designing my barn), to our visit to your place of business, to the delivery of the barn and the assembly, everything was just great. When I went to get the building permit, the inspectors were impressed with the building plans, and they were also impressed during the footer and framing inspections. I will tell anyone who asks me to call your company if they are considering building a barn!!!!
Wilmington, OH

I purchased a pole barn kit from you guys in 2012. It has been excellent. The lean to part of the barn has been great for our horses. We put in a concrete floor five inches thick, gutters on the eaves and snow blocks on the roof. It sure is nice to store hay and equipment in it. Sure is nice to get feed ready for the horses inside out of the weather. One day I may call you up to order a loafing shed because I like the quality of wood that you guys send out and how stout you guys design your buildings. With all of the Menards package barns that I have seen they don't hold a candle to your guys. Thanks again.
Cheyenne, WY

These guys are first rate - they supply VERY detailed plans and the kit includes everything you need including concrete for the pole footings. I have had a number of conversations with them about construction technique and they are always helpful and patient.
Elkton, MD

I must say that it seems every time I hire someone to do construction related jobs, I am disappointed. I am pretty picky when it comes to buying or hiring construction items. Long story short, I have been very pleased in dealing with DIY, the preferred builders and the quality of the materials received. The on-line process is quite easy and actually fun to use. It easily shows you the cost while considering different options. Once I decided what I wanted, working with DIY's designers was equally rewarding. Building was delivered and materials placed where I wanted them. Driver was very helpful and pleasant to work with. Erection of the building was delayed due to the rainy weather this fall but well worth the wait. The "preferred builders" did a great job and were done in least than 4 days.

I would and am highly recommending your company and products to everyone who asks. Thanks for providing such a nice product.
Warren, OH

I'm very pleased with the quality of the materials and construction. The Preferred Builder's crew did a great job. It looks great!
Alma, IL

The kit was easy and had the straightest lumber I have ever seen. Thanks so much.
Rossville, IN

I just wanted to send you a quick note to give you some feed back on my delivery. I wanted to let you know how professional and courteous the truck driver was that made the delivery. He called me Sunday night to confirm his information along with keeping me posted Monday as to his location and arrival time. Doug's skill level in maneuvering the truck was for sure noted by my family and neighbors.
Williamstown, WV

I LOVE this ONLY mistake was making it too small. If I could do-over I'd make it 10' longer. Anyway, Your Preferred Builder did a terrific job putting it together. A few months later I did a 4" gravel, wire and 5"concrete. I wired it 12V with 2 deep cycle batteries and a small solar panel. I also installed standard house switches/keyless light fixtures and fluorescent lights. Last fall I added the woodstove. This fall I'm installing a shower and deep sink with 12V pump from 300 gallon tanks. I keep a tractor, implements, a '75 Blazer, army cot, and work shop there. It's my man cave and hunting lodge.
Lexington, VA

The pole barn was finished yesterday. I want to thank you for the for the fine quality that you put into your buildings. I am well pleased in the whole dealing with your company from the ordering to the the delivery. Your Preferred Builder was great, and I would highly recommend them. I will definitely tell everyone that is looking for a building to contact you guys first.
Fairmont, WV

Two weeks and a year and it is finally done!! It's a good thing my living doesn't depend on putting barns together, I'd starve. But it is a great building that is everything promised. I certainly feel that we got an excellent value and a well engineered building. I have also been very happy with your assistance during the process, especially answering stupid questions, which were a legion. The Cool-Air hanger door also went on with very few modifications to your building and works like a dream.

I have lots of pilot buds that are very envious of me having a great hanger with an airplane in the backyard. Living the dream!

You folks are the best. Thanks again for all your help and a great building.
Holly Hill, SC

I got a 30x72x12 from DIY Pole Barns. The lumber was top quality, and the building inspector even mentioned it beat the local guy's kits. In fact, the local inspector admitted the local lumber yard's kit does not meet code. He has brought it up with the local lumber yard, and their response is that they simply sell kits and that the buyer should know what the codes are and then needs to specify the proper material. The local place couldn't beat DIY's quote anyway. There was extra lumber in the kit, and I did not have any wants for anything. I received a high quality kit and top notch support. I will highly recommend them.
Melvin, MI

I have been very happy with my barn and was very pleased with the Preferred Builder's crew that built it. I would recommend them in a heart beat and hope that they are the crew that gets sent to build your prospective clients barn if they choose to go with you. I have nothing but good things to say about the whole process. It was quick and simple and any questions that I had were answered.
Charlotte, MI

We are very pleased with the pole barn. It is built very well, and we are sure it will provide us many years of use. We used CHA Construction for our builder. Amos' crew is the greatest and the workmanship was outstanding.
Larry and Donna
Burgettstown, PA

We LOVE our barn!! Good quality and affordable! Thank you very much!!
Flat Rock, NC

Working with DIY Pole Barns and the Preferred Builder was a pleasure. Everyone was so helpful and professional. All commitments were kept, and I am very excited about my new barn!
Lacy Auto Parts, Inc.
West Point, VA

Thanks for all of the help through the process of selecting my new garage. I know that I had a thousand questions and changes, and it means a lot to me, as a customer, that you are willing to take the time to explain every detail.
Jeannette, PA

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know I am very satisfied with my building so far. The contractors have just about finished, and they have even been working in the rain. Thanks for everything. May god continue to bless your business.
Paint Lick, KY

Thanks for all of your help in regard to the pole shed. As I explained to you in a recent phone conversation, I am a retired Property Claims Specialist. I worked for 30 years handling large insurance losses with about half of them being with agricultural buildings, grain complexes, confinements, etc. The company I worked for is the largest farm insurance carrier in the United States, insuring in 40 states. I felt compelled to explain to you how impressed I was with your website, your company philosophy, and easy going, knowledgeable, friendly guidance as well as the apparent quality of your buildings. Besides, anyone who located a business on "Hogpath Rd." has got to be alright! I look forward to the delivery of our new building. Thanks again.
Jeff and Joyce
Oregon, IL

Just wanted to drop you a email to let you know how pleased we are with our new barns. It has been almost a year ago when the heavy snow and ice took down our other barn. It was only 2 years old, but back then we made a poor choice and bought a metal barn. A lot of metal barns were lost here last winter.

I went looking for a structure to replace the barn, which was used for hay storage, and came upon your site. I looked at every barn imaginable and priced a lot of them. When I priced your buildings, I couldn't believe the pricing. It was well below what we ever thought a pole barn would cost. Of course, leary of a internet company, I continued my search for a suitable building. After getting a lot of proposals back, no one could touch yours. I decided it was time for a phone call. I got a very knowledgeable person on the other line, who not only was patient with me and my 1,001 questions, but also turned out to be a good Christian. Two traits I highly value in a person.

After lots of thinking, budgeting, and looking around for other builders that where local, we decided to get two buildings from DIY Pole Barns. After we made the final decision on size, colors and options, and placed our deposit, things went fast. We decided to let the Preferred Builders build our two new barns. They are very good at what they are doing, and very fast. They worked at least 12 hours a day and had our buildings done in 4 days. They started Monday around noon and left here on Friday around noon. A very nice, respectful crew that new what they had to do to get the job done

Here we are 2 months later and there are 2 brand new buildings on our property, and 6 happy horses that don’t have to spend another winter outside.

Thank you, DIY Pole Barns and your building crew, for a great service and a great product. We have been recommending your company to all our friends.
Butch and Karin
Happy Horse Products USA
Palmyra, VA

We looked at a bunch of the "tent" style shelters and finally decided that it just wasn't worth the money. The sub $1000 ones all looked as though they wouldn't last. When I found a pole barn kit at for under $5000 for a 24x24 metal building I gave up and placed an order. Their kits are really cheap and include everything you need (even the cement for the poles) and dealing with the owner was a real pleasure.
Goochland, VA

I cannot express enough my satisfaction with DIY Pole Barns professionalism and courtesy. DIY is “the best of the best” at what they do! They are completely knowledgeable about every aspect of what is required to get you the building that you need, and get it to you at the right price! I spent over a year researching and doing cost analysis, comparing weather to buy a large shed, build a garage or build a pole building. I searched everywhere, friends, Craiglist, the internet, local home improvement stores as well as local builders and building stores. I was never satisfied with what I could get for my money; sheds were too small and too expensive, garages had more code requirements and were also very costly, and pole buildings… well they were just too expensive, and getting a contractor to build them, the costs were out of the question.

I lucked upon DIY Pole Barns when searching the internet. I priced a building on line with no hassle at all. I couldn’t believe the price! DIY’s material cost was 25 to 40% lower than any quotation that I had found elsewhere, using all top quality materials. The cost that they offered to build the building was also more than 30% less than comparable estimates. It looked like I was about to save about 50% of what everyone else had been telling me… this was too good to be true!

I called DIY and spoke to their sales team (I am leery of internet only companies, I like to talk to real people), here is what I received for my call, professionalism, courtesy, knowledge and most of all honesty, which made me know that these were the guys to do business with. They knew my building codes and everything that I would encounter with my environment, and even offered to speak with the inspectors and the building department if I needed help understanding and explaining terminology and building codes. These guys were great!

DIY placed me in contact with their preferred builders who built my barn. This was a spectacular experience! They built my barn complete in 1-½ days. Other contractors said a week to two weeks, and they wanted much more money. DIY’s preferred building team was professional and their experience and attention to detail really showed.

I know people are skeptical of letters like this praising companies, but DIY is the real deal. You don’t have to take my word for it, look at the pictures that I have provided of my completed project and you will see. In an era where customer service and keeping your word almost means nothing, DIY Pole Barns still treasures these values by providing excellence.

As a testament to your good service, please feel free to contact me if you have potential customers who would like to speak to me directly regarding your products or service.
Gaylord, MI

I’m a resident of New York, retired and careful with my money. Was it a difficult decision to order a building on-line from a totally unknown, out-of-state company with the understanding that the materials would be sent from another state and the contractors would come from yet another state.? You bet it was! Am I pleased? You bet I am!

This whole process has been a “piece of cake”. Dealing with them has been a pleasure. The entire ordering procedure went smoothly and all my questions were answered. I feel that they are extremely knowledgeable and honest. They tried to suit my needs and not their pockets. If I were to need another building in the future, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact DIY and will be recommending them to anyone in need of a top quality pole barn!

The contractors recommended by DIY arrived at 6:00 am and worked until dark for two days, finishing the barn on the third day. They are phenomenal workers, precise in their measurements and workmanship. There was no waste of materials and they performed their duties like “well oiled machinery”.

I can’t find the words to give enough credit and praise to the people involved in this project.
Chazy, NY

DIY Pole Barns helped me to create the barn of my dreams a reality. From the design, to the delivery, and technical support in building the barn myself has been exceptional. The quality of lumber and steel is top notch. I did all of this over the phone and having never met these guys in person, I feel like I know them personally from the support I have received. What other pole barn provider do you know that the owner of the company would give you his personal number to access him after hours to answer technical questions? DIY Pole Barns provides building packages that are affordable and the quality that you expect.
Emlenton, PA

I am very pleased with the complete project and the timely manner in which the materials were delivered to the job site when it was convenient for me. Everything necessary, plus a little extra, was included to put the finishing touches on my building, and all of it was good quality. Any question or concern I had was addressed promptly, and they were willing to take the time to listen, even to the point of responding with follow-up phone calls or email. Any quality issues that arose were the responsibility of their supplier, and the DIY team will stand behind what they sell. It was the first time my local building code officer had seen one of these kits, and he was very impressed with the rugged design and quality of the materials used, so it passed with no problem.
Greene, NY

Looking for a quality, affordable barn? You’ve got to talk with these folks. When it came to the providing me a quality barn, at the best price, on-time…these guys hit the nail on the head and kept on going. If you don’t have them bidding your barn, your missing it.
Faustman Ranch
Dayton, OH

I have worked with DIY from both a consumer and professional standpoint. Your commitment to quality products and service is top-notch. The plans that are provided with a building are concise and easy to follow and the attention to detail is evident in the final product. I will continue to support and promote your company for all of my client’s pole barn needs.
Joseph P. Bleehash, AIA, LEED AP
Foothills Architecture
Latrobe, PA

Thank you so much for your professional help and support with our project. I could not have accomplished such an endeavor without you. Both of you are gentlemen, honest, and so knowledgeable. I would recommend your service and product to anyone in the building field.
Merrillville, IN

I want you to know that the barn plans were easy to read, and we had no problem with our town inspector. Your driver was a great help and was even early on the delivery date. Set up went well (after the bad weather). I will certainly be advertising you business. Thank you for the chance to say thanks. We are going to be looking for new barn ideas from your company. Thank you again! We will be doing business again with you.
Gansevoort, NY

DIY Pole Barns provides the best quality pole barns at the most affordable prices anywhere. If you are in the market for a new pole building, check them out! They CAN NOT be beat! DIY now offers instant online pricing on their web site! You wont find that any where else!
Buckeye Cowboy Gymkhana
New Carlisle, OH

Thanks for the help with the barn last month. I think you guys did a great job and were quick to remedy the one shortfall. All in all it was a great experience and the Preferred Builder did a great job.
Newport, NY

Thank you very much for the service you and your company provided. I can't believe how easy this process was. When I first E-mailed you for a quote I was skeptical I would even hear back from an internet company in Ohio. Unbelievably, the quote was much lower than I expected and received the very next day. I purchased and scrutinized the plans (I thought there must be a catch) and I was very impressed. With everything in order, the next step was to mail a personal check across state lines. I was apprehensive, but your company was on the Better Business Bureau online program. I mailed the check and promised myself I wouldn't call periodically and check the order status. Within 2 weeks suppliers were calling me to setup delivery times. I am very happy with the speed everything arrived. You have covered every detail I need to assemble this building. There are items I didn't even realize I needed until I opened them. I don't know how many trips to the hardware store you have saved me, but I guess its more than a dozen. You have a very talented team out there, keep up the good work.
Bridgeport, NY

Just to drop you a line on how your product fared in the hands of amateurs. It was a great experience. I have been more than satisfied with the quality of materials, not one 2x4 was bad, and there are a few in a 60' building! The steel was great quality, and using the F&J channel was great. You guys do a great job, everything was handled with care and you were most helpful. The trucking company you hired had a gentleman for a driver. It was a positive experience. I would recommend anyone wanting to build their own barn get it from you. Thanks!
Cheboygan, MI

You guys sold me a 30x64x16 pole barn last year. It is awesome, and the experience was great. So were the builders.
Gill, MA

We couldn't be happier with our new barn and neighbors can't believe how little it cost. We needed a barn for a group of rescued pigs and hay storage at our farm animal sanctuary but had very limited funds to work with. DIY was incredibly helpful in working with our design and budgetary needs. The materials arrived quickly and orderly and there was always a friendly voice on the other side of the phone at DIY when questions arose. The blueprints pleased the town's building department and were easy to follow for the construction. The pigs are warm and happy, the hay is staying dry and our bank account isn't drained. A very happy ending for all.
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
Woodstock, NY

We want to thank you so much for the wonderful barn we bought from you. You were amazing at helping with any questions or concerns we had. It turned out awesome. Thanks again!
Carey, OH

Our overall experience with DIY Pole Barns was excellent. Not only was the price on the package the best we could find, the quality of materials is great, the plans were laid out well, everyone was great to work with, and the service we received was very good...and that in itself is not always easy to come by. We will surely be calling DIY Pole Barns for our next one!
Afton, NY

Our overall experience with DIY Pole Barns was great! The whole experience from start to finish was made very simple by DIY Pole Barns. They worked with me on style, size, colors, and they even helped me during construction. Your team was very courteous and professional, and your pricing was very competitive. I have recommended DIY Pole Barns to everyone I know.
Hilton, NY