Large gatherings require large spaces. Events such as corporate gatherings, meetings, birthday parties, reunions, weddings and more call for extensive space. The more open space there is available, the better. Open space allows room for ample seating, breakout sessions, or even a large dance floor.  Occasions such as these have historically been housed in hotel ballrooms or rental halls. These days, the popular destination is an event barn.

Pole barns can be the perfect option for an event barn for any type of gathering. Let’s look further at event barns, what they are, why pole barns are a good construction choice, as well as cost, and design options.

What Is an Event Barn?

If you are a horse trainer or rider, an event barn is likely what you think of when you need a place to practice or hold competitions. However, if you are a bride-to-be or an event planner, an event barn has a whole different meaning.

The trend of using barns for wedding venues has been growing over the last several years, with good reason. Event barns are quite large with an open design. This allows space for any type of event, such as a wedding, to take place.

Unlike other specific structures, event barns typically focus on one major selling point: space. Event barns are used for all types of gatherings: weddings, club meetings, receptions, reunions, parties, and more! When planning a major event, you need a major venue, and an event barn fits the bill.

Why Build an Event Barn?

Building an event barn allows you to create your own space for private or public event hosting. An event barn, by design, is a very big building; which means it can also serve as storage space during slower times, off seasons, or between events. If you have the space, an event barn can be an incredible addition to your homestead.

Utilizing pole barns for commercial use is becoming more popular than ever. Building your own event hall that you can rent out can be a great business decision. Do be sure to check with your local zoning board when planning your event barn as ordinances, codes, and zoning regulations vary.

Benefits of Pole Barn Construction for an Event Barn

Room to Enjoy

All events require space. Anyone who has ever planned an event can tell you – you can never have too much space! Pole barns are the perfect option when you want plenty of room for wedding or reception seating or a large open space for a dance floor.

Often times the support beams of other structures get in the way when trying to plan space for seating or dancing. Pole barns don’t require the same interior support that other types of venues do, so they can be scaled to immense sizes to offer an event barn with wide open square footage that can be utilized however you desire.

Comfortable Cost

Utilizing post frame construction, pole barns can be built for less than other types of construction. They don’t require the same foundation due to the deep-set posts which provide the building’s support. Additionally, they only require minimal maintenance, are reliable, and are built to last for years.

Designed For Your Needs

Whether you are going for the “rustic chic” look that is trending, or clean lines to give your venue a blank canvas for each event to be personalized, you want your event barn to look perfect. Customization is key; and DIY Pole Barns offers several popular, reasonably priced pole barn kits. You also have the option to design your own from the ground up! Your pole barn can be plain or have cupolas, wainscoting, and even skylight wall panels. There are multiple color choices available. Whether you are partial to Gallery Blue, Crimson Red, or are looking for more earthy tones, the color selector tool will help you further personalize your event barn. These structures have certainly come a long way from the original pole barns of the 1930s.

Easy to Construct

Even though building an event barn may sound difficult, DIY Pole Barns are designed and delivered to be easy and quick to construct. In fact, depending on how you plan to build it, your pole barn can be ready to use within a week or two of delivery in many cases.

If you are still not sure that construction is something you want to take on, DIY Pole Barns offers a network of trusted builders who can take care of the construction and let you enjoy your new event barn without lifting a finger.

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