If you’re planning to build a horse barn on your property, you may be stumped where to even begin. You care a lot about your horses and know that only the best will do. Fortunately, the best option for you and your horses is also one of the most affordable!

Pole barns are excellent structures for equestrians looking for any type of use: from small barns for their horses to large horse arenas for private or commercial use!

Pole Barns for Equestrians Offer Much-Needed Space

It’s no surprise that one of the first concerns we hear from those looking to build a structure as a horse barn is about having enough space. Horses come in all shapes and sizes – but they definitely need room.

Pole barns are uniquely easy to scale up due to the simple but effective design of post-frame construction.

With our instant quote tool, you can design a basic barn size of just 24’x24’ or one as large as 70’x120’ to suit your needs! And vertical space isn’t lacking either, with options ranging up to 20 feet high.

No two horse barns are the same. The important thing is that you’re able to get the space you need without compromise – while not being locked into building a massive arena if you just need space for your own few horses. Pole barns let you make the decision!

A Horse Barn Needs Options

Your homestead is your own. Your horse barn should reflect what you want and need. When designing a pole barn, your options are limitless – mostly thanks to the space afforded by a post-frame structure’s minimal needs to maintain its sturdiness.

Do you need one large door or more? What about smaller entry doors? How many windows do you want? Since you’ll be building for your horses, Dutch doors and windows are a must – pole barns make it easy to incorporate these into your design.

While most buildings have some flexibility, pole barns let you make the most of their space. This means plenty of windows, doors and even segmented rooms if you need them.

Pole Barns Are Cost-Effective

Privately owning a horse or running an equestrian business are both surprisingly expensive! But building a horse barn doesn’t need to be.

For their size, features and ease of construction, pole barns can’t be beat in pricing. Even if you plan to rely on our trusted network of builders, you will save big versus more stick-frame or steel prefab structures.

Pole barns also don’t require concrete foundation, outside of cementing the footers in place – though they’re still incredibly resilient. This can be a massive cost savings, especially for larger buildings. It also means you can easily plan out the surface to be comfortable for your horses and for yourself throughout the horse barn.

Create Unique Spaces for Your Needs – Like Tack Rooms, Private Rooms & More!

Many equestrians prefer a simple horse barn with just a stall for their horse and little else. But with the flexibility offered by pole barns, you can build your ideal equestrian paradise. Creating unique rooms in your pole barn requires little more than putting up a wall where you want it. Since no load-bearing is necessary, you can put them anywhere.

Want to create a tack room? No problem! Are you running a business and want to design a clear separation between public and private areas? Go for it!

Pole Barns Can Be Made Comfortable Living Spaces for Horses

Horses aren’t as vulnerable to the weather as we are, but they’re still susceptible to drafts, extreme cold and stale air. Proper planning and some extra attention can make your pole barn an ideal living space for your horses to prevent them from extreme cold, heat and respiratory issues.

There are many steps you can take towards controlling the temperature and air-quality of your pole barn. Ultimately, how in-depth you go is up to you. Depending on where you are in the country and what you plan to do with your horse barn, you may need more or less ventilation and temperature control than others.

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