Are you looking to build a space that’s convenient for storage, diving into your hobbies, entertaining guests, or perhaps a quiet place to escape to? Then building a pole barn might be the perfect option for you. Below, we’ll dive into different themes for your man cave, how to  locate space to build the barn, different customizing options to choose from, and helpful ways to help finance the construction.

Brainstorm a Theme

When you envision the layout of your dream man cave, think about your interests, hobbies, style, and taste. Before diving right into planning, imagine how you’ll utilize the space the most. Do you plan to entertain guests? Are you looking for a quiet place to escape to? Do you want to have a small area to store your collectibles? These are crucial questions you need to ask yourself before you make any big decisions.

If you’re into sports, perhaps a sports bar-themed area is perfect for you. A few ideas to make this come to life are by gathering old sports equipment such as helmets, gloves, jerseys, or even trophies to use as decorations. If you’re into more of a rustic style, you can never go wrong with wood beams, paneling, or empty wine barrels to use for table space. If you’re a hunter, you might want to think about fewer windows, and more wall space to display your animal or fish mounts. No matter what design you choose, it’s beneficial to research man cave inspiration ideas to get a clear picture of how you want the space to look like.

Map Out Your Space

For most homeowners, there might not be available extra room in your home to transform into your dream man cave. Nowadays, It’s extremely popular to build a space that’ll fit your needs instead of renovating the garage, basement, or guest bedroom. Not only will building a pole barn provide more space, but it’ll also increase the value of your property.

First, locate an area that’s big enough for you to build your custom size pole barn. When DIYing your barn, there are a variety of sizes to choose from. If you’re limited with space, then a 24’x24’ option might be perfect for you. If you have more room to work with, you can order a barn kit upwards of 70’x120’. Once you know how big of a space you have to work with, the next step is to prepare the area. You may have to cut down trees, bulldoze an old structure such as a shed, or clear out brush and weeds. Once the space is ready, it’s time to start customizing your man cave.

Customize Your Pole Barn

The good news is that when you order a customizable pole barn kit, everything is taken care of from materials, blueprints, and additional upgrades you choose. Your barn is going to be part of the landscape of your property so when choosing a color, be sure to select one that flows with the rest of your exterior. Depending on if you want your barn to blend with its surroundings or if you’d rather choose a bold color, there are a variety of colors to choose from. One upgrade you might want to consider is adding windows and extra doors to your pole barn. This will provide easy access and more sunlit interiors. You might also want to think about insulating your windows if you plan to use the space all year round.

The last thing you should think about is if you have the time to build your pole barn yourself. If you’d rather have a professional handle the construction, we have a list of contractors and builders we can happily recommend to you to get your pole barn built quickly and safely.

Find Ways to Help Finance

Once you’re ready to order your custom pole barn kit, you should find helpful ways to finance it. Unfortunately, projects can add up fast especially if there’s a lot you need to do to the space on top of paying for your customized man cave. The first step is to set money aside long before you’re ready to decide to move forward with building your dream man cave. Create a separate savings account in which you can contribute money weekly or monthly. If you don’t plan on selling and moving away from your home anytime soon, you might want to consider the option of extending your mortgage term. A longer mortgage repayment period, such as a 30-year term mortgage, allows your monthly payments to be lower, freeing up extra money you can put toward your man cave. This payment will be the same over the next 30 years but you can make additional payments against your principal balance at any time without penalty. This is a great way to help pay for extra projects around your property.

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