American pole barns gained popularity in the 1930s and have since become a staple across the country. The pole barn posts support the building much like your skeleton supports your body. Protecting the pole barn posts is very important. Just like broken or brittle bones weaken the structure of the whole body, cracked or rotting posts weaken the structure of your entire pole barn.

Pole Barn Posts Are a Critical Part of Any Pole Barn

The posts of your pole barn are the foundation of the structure. They support the building rather than a concrete slab. Without solid posts, the integrity of your pole barn is in jeopardy. A building is only as sturdy as its foundation, so it is critical to the life of your pole barn to have quality posts and keep them in good condition.

What’s the Biggest Risk for Pole Barn Posts?

Pole barn posts are set in the ground. This simple fact means they are at risk for rot. Rot is enemy No. 1 of pole barn posts. Rotting wood is caused by fungi. Fungi need oxygen, moisture, warmth and food to survive. This naturally occurring, living, breathing organism is designed to break down fallen trees, returning them to the soil. This is a fantastic process – except when it occurs in your pole barn posts vs. a dead tree on the forest floor!

If fungi find a hospitable living environment in the posts of your pole barn, the structural integrity of your barn is at stake. Don’t ignore signs of rot because over time the fungi will continue doing their job and eventually destroy the posts. When this happens, your structure could collapse.

Tips for Protecting Your Pole Barn Posts

Keeping your pole barn posts protected from moisture is the top priority. Moisture and oxygen are two things fungi need to survive. Since eliminating oxygen from your barn isn’t an option, eliminating moisture – or as much of it as possible – is your best bet.

Inspect your barn and posts regularly. Even small leaks can lead to major damage if left unaddressed. Holes and/or cracks in your posts can be warning signs of larger problems. Termites and carpenter ants are attracted to wood that has been softened by fungi. Keeping your posts dry and free of rot can help prevent infestation as well.

Plan Your Pole Barn Site with Drainage in Mind

When deciding where to build, consider the area of your property with the best drainage. Keeping water away from your pole barn posts is the most effective way to prevent rot. While preparing the site for your pole barn, take care in grading the soil away from your barn to discourage water from pooling around your pole barn posts.

Watch for Leakage Where Posts Meet Other Materials

Inspect your barn regularly and watch for leaks. A good time to do this is during a rainstorm. If you notice water, you can visually detect the source of the leak while the water is coming in. Address leaks right away to prevent the damage rot can do if left alone. This is one area you simply cannot afford to let nature take its course!

Also, be aware that simply setting posts in concrete will not prevent rot. The wood won’t be in contact with the ground, but moisture is absorbed by the concrete and pulled up into the wood. Over time, rotting will occur.

DIY Pole Barns Offers Post Rot Protection

Preventing rot is the best way to ensure a long life for your pole barn. Pressure-treated wood is one way to deter fungi from your pole barn posts.  The wood is infused with chemicals, keeping fungi away. In addition to providing pressure-treated wood, DIY Pole Barns offers several options to further protect your pole barn posts from moisture, keeping them strong and dry for years to come.

When you use our online instant quote process, you’ll look at structural options in step 4 of the process!

Grade Guard

Grade Guard eliminates contact between wood and soil or concrete. Grade guard is a plastic “sleeve” that protects posts from rotting.

Post Protector

Post Protector is another way to eliminate soil or concrete coming into contact with your posts. This tough plastic protects the bottom 5’ of the post from moisture.

Your dream barn is waiting to be built! Now that you know how simple it can be to prevent rot in pole barn posts and have a pole barn that will last for years to come, let DIY Pole Barns help your dream become reality.

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