Proper ventilation is incredibly important to keep horses happy and healthy. Ventilation helps remove odors and stale air, promotes air flow, and keeps visitors from getting sick, too.

Unfortunately, many who have horse barns still do not know to properly ventilate. In order to properly ventilate a horse barn, one must understand that warm air rises and cool air stays near the ground level.

Knowing this, warm, stagnant air that hangs overhead must be allowed to escape, and cool air from outside must be allowed to enter. Keep reading to discover easy ways to add ventilation to a horse shelter.

Natural Horse Barn Ventilation

Natural ventilation is one of the easiest, most effective ways of airing out a horse barn. It is also the cheapest. To naturally ventilate any horse barn, simply open up the windows, doors, or breeze ways and let in the fresh air. The best way to increase ventilation is to create a cross breeze.

To make a cross breeze, open up windows that are located opposite one another. Cool air will rush in one window or door, and warm, stagnant air will be pushed out of the opposite. This is a great way to cool down a barn in the summertime and the most effective way of ventilating a stagnant barn.

Mechanical Horse Barn Ventilation

Another way to ventilate a horse shelter is to add fans or air ducts. Both can be used in combination with natural ventilation; however, mechanical means prove helpful during cold winter months. If fans are the medium of choice, make sure to install them an even distance apart.

Fans help circulate the air and prevent the barn from becoming stagnant. Even during the winter, when little outside air is being let in, fans can help improve air quality. When using air ducts, it is best to install one in the roof and the other near the floor boards. Air ducts will allow warm air to escape out the top and allow cooler, fresh air to enter through the bottom.

Even during the winter, letting in the cool air is healthier for the horses than keeping them shut in for warmth.

Regulate Fans

Don’t be fooled; shutting off fans, closing air ducts, and locking up windows during the winter is not the answer. Again, it is best to put an extra blanket on the horses during cold months than to keep the barn shut up against the cold. Regulate ventilation; don’t turn it off.

When it comes to fans, keep them on high during the summer months to help cool the shelter; during the winter, turn them on low. Keeping them on low will help keep warm air from escaping through the roof and will keep air from becoming still and stagnant.

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