Pole Barns offer tremendous versatility for storage and protection. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Is your pole barn winter ready? This is very important, especially for folks who are using pole barns in the Northeast and Midwest.

Pole Barn Insulation

If you use your pole barn in cold conditions, it’s important to know that a pole barn can be insulated. Generally, not much insulation will be needed, so the cost should not be overwhelming.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: Buy enough insulation to fill all open spaces between the pole barn studs. The spacing between pole barn studs is usually set at 24 inches so buy enough 24-inch blanket insulation to fill all the spaces. Many pole barns have plenty of space for insulation.

Once you have your blanket insulation, roll it out and cut it to length. The insulation then needs to be stuffed into those open spaces. If need be, use a staple gun to secure the insulation. The insulation should be fastened to the sides of two-by-sixes.

You can also insulate the ceiling this way, but this would require a ladder so be certain to have assistance if you decide to insulate the ceiling.

Handling Insulation

When handling blanket insulation, be sure to use gloves. This will reduce the chance of skin irritation. You should also wear loose-fitting clothes with long sleeves and long legs.

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