Winter isn’t the most common time to think of constructing a new building. But that’s not because builders are afraid of a little cold – it’s because normal building techniques don’t fare well in freezing temperatures. But pole barns are a little different! So, if you’re wondering whether or not you can build a pole barn in the winter, read on!

What Stops Most Construction During the Winter?

The biggest problem with cold-weather during construction is its effect on concrete. As the second-most used material next to water, concrete is a staple of modern construction. But once the temperature starts to stay consistently below 40 degrees, pouring it and letting it cure becomes a huge problem.

While it’s not an insurmountable issue, it raises costs significantly to do so. You need equipment to heat the surface and avoid pouring onto cold ground. For that, you need to take extra steps to protect the concrete from the weather itself!

So, what does that mean for a homeowner in need of new construction during the winter? Or those who need a new outbuilding in a cold-climate area? Typically, it means waiting. Waiting until the weather warms up and then waiting to get scheduled with all the other projects waiting for warmer weather.

Want Your Barn, Garage or Workshop Sooner? Think Pole Barns

Fortunately, there’s another option: pole barns! In addition to pole barn construction being versatile for all types of buildings, it’s also one of the easiest ways to build in the cold of winter.

While most types of buildings require a concrete foundation, post-frame construction doesn’t. This means you don’t have the hassle or costs of pouring a full concrete foundation in the dead of winter to get your new building up and finished!

The only required concrete is the small amount poured in with the footers to help keep them secure in the ground. When you compare that to the massive amount required to pour and cure for an entire foundation, especially for larger buildings, it’s a drop in the bucket!

Pole Barns are Built for Winter

Pole barns are designed to withstand bad weather and winter, regardless of when you build them. That’s because the posts are required to be set in relation to your area’s frost line. This is the depth underground where the soil in your area won’t freeze. Like snow loads, it differs from area to area.

The purpose of putting the footing below the frost line is to avoid frost heave. As groundwater freezes through the season, this frost heave effect can exert immense force on anything underground. This includes the footings!

By properly embedding our footings below the frost line, we can mitigate almost any notable frost heave and prevent your pole barn from leaning or damage from shifting.

Be Ready for Warmer Weather

Whether you’re in need of a new barn for your farming equipment, a pole barn home or another type of outbuilding, you can take advantage of post-frame construction to have it ready by spring. Of course, heavy snows and other weather can still slow down any construction. But if it’s just cold, you or a team of professionals can still get the job done!

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