You can use a pole barn for almost anything! Hobby shops, garages and of course barns, are popular options. But you may be wondering, “Can I live in a pole barn?” Pole barn homes are a consideration of many who have come to appreciate the benefits of pole barn construction. If you’re thinking of the possibility of a pole barn home for yourself, read on to learn more.

Can You Live in a Pole Barn? Yes – But with a Caveat

Not only can you live in a pole barn, it’s something that people are already doing! The idea of a pole barn home isn’t necessarily a new one. As long as post-frame construction has existed, it’s functioned as a shelter for many. While primarily used for animals or machinery, the dependably resilient design of pole barns makes them an excellent shelter for people too!

The scalability of pole barn design allows for you to create a home the size you need and can afford. Depending on how specific your tastes are, building a pole barn home isn’t much different than any other type of pole barn structure. They lend themselves to open floor plans naturally, but nothing stops you from segmenting the interior to create a truly spacious, but organized, house.

No need to worry about the cold, either. Pole barn insulation is easy to install!

The Caveat: Building Codes

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t obstacles to overcome. Like any permanent structure, you need to ensure that your local codes allow for it.

The biggest offender is for those considering a secondary pole barn home on their existing property. Many counties restrict the ability to have two “residential” structures on the same property. So, a pole barn garage or hobby shop would be fine – but not another home.

Likewise, in colder regions, you’ll want to make sure you understand where the frost line is so that your pole barn meets codes for having its footings go below it. That’s not just for legal reasons – it’s part of keeping yourself safe!

Beyond the basics, you’ll also need to consider codes for some additional items that aren’t “standard” with a pole barn or garage. Plumbing, mechanical and electrical codes will make it necessary to be careful with how you install the typical lines and pipes needed for a modern home. Bathroom plumbing and electrical appliances can be tricky.

Hammering an electrical box to a post in a pole barn home

You’ll want to plan these things out before you start building. It’s also essential to work with a professional. While our pole barns can be built by practically anyone with the right tools, wiring and plumbing is a bit more advanced!

Meeting with your state and local codes is non-negotiable. At every step of the way, double check to make sure that you’re following the necessary rules. You may not run into issues until months or years down the road, but when you do, it could be a costly problem!

Advantages of a Pole Barn Home

In addition to wondering “Can I live in a pole barn home,” you may be wondering “why would I live in a pole barn home?” The answer is… a lot of reasons, actually! Here are some of the big benefits of considering a pole barn home:

Quick to Build

Post-frame structures are designed to be easily built. While homes can take months to build, a pole barn home can be done in a fraction of the time – especially if you don’t plan for extensive interior segmentation!

Less Expensive Than a Similarly-Sized Standard Home

One of the main advantages of any pole barn structure is its cost compared to metal or stick-frame styles of construction. Typically, these savings are in materials and foundation. For a pole barn home, you’ll want proper flooring, so you won’t save as much as you might for a pole barn garage that doesn’t require a full concrete floor.

However, you’ll still save on overall materials. And when building a house, every dollar matters!

Great for Open Floor Plans

Nobody likes feeling claustrophobic in their own home. That’s why open floor plans are so popular today! Pole barn interiors are wide open without additional construction to segment them. While you’ll almost certainly want to create some order by walling off bathrooms or bedrooms, you can leave wide-open spaces for a truly spacious home.

Resilient Design

Regardless of your climate and weather, pole barns are built to last. They can stand up to heavy snowfall and strong winds. Every homeowner should feel safe in their home. A pole barn can provide excellent security through its deep-set structure, keeping your family and property safe through rough weather.

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