A pole barn is an investment. It’s an investment in your property, but it’s also an investment in your goals! Whether you’re thinking of a personal pole barn for storage, hobbies, a private getaway or even a garage, it’s something that you want to do right the first time. Like any investment, you have a lot of choices – including choosing from the pole barn company that fits your goals. 

Read on to learn why DIY Pole Barns is the premier source for your next pole barn project!  

The Right Cost – Without Sacrificing Quality 

It goes without saying that cost is a huge factor in any purchase. And we understand that! Pole barns are built to be used, which means you want to have some of your finances ready to fill up your new pole barn with tools, equipment or entertainment. 

Prices range from pole barn company to company, so make sure you compare the same size pole barn and the features you want to find the best price. But remember – the “best price” doesn’t mean the lowest price. Just like other major investments, such as a car or your house itself, the least expensive option comes with several caveats – such as trustworthiness, experience, customer service and quality of the materials being supplied. 

Look at the bigger picture when it comes to choosing your pole barn company on a price analysis. DIY Pole Barns offers quality materials at surprisingly low prices – that can’t be said of every vendor you may come across in your search. 

Pole Barn Kit Materials 

While we’re on the subject of pole barn materials, you shouldn’t trust any company that doesn’t give you the full rundown on the materials they supply. A pole barn kit is something you can work with yourself. Of course, you won’t be able to plan your project if you don’t know exactly what your kit includes! 

Many companies offer pole barn kits for DIY’ers, with all the materials needed to construct your own building. When ordering a pole barn kit, you should expect premium grade lumber, code-compliant wood trusses, and a warranted metal roofing and siding in a variety of colors. 

Your pole building package should also include color-matched trim and fasteners, entry and overhead doors, and windows. You should also get a blueprint and construction outline to make the process easy.  

These are all things that come standard with a DIY Pole Barn.  All that’s left for you to supply are tools. 


The right pole barn company is one that helps you achieve your dream pole barn. There’s nothing wrong with a standard pole barn when you need something that’s simply ready to go – but customizability should always be an option! 

We provide a comprehensive list of pole barn options for your pole barn for functionality, appearance, and making your barn look unique. Each option is easy to navigate, select, and build when your pole barn kit finally arrives! 

Some of the unique choices you have include: 

Color Selection 

Red is a historically iconic color to choose for a pole barn. But there are plenty of different color options that you can choose from! If you want your pole barn to blend in with the natural surroundings, colors like Burnished Slate and Clay are great choices. DIY Pole Barns has plenty of color choices for pole barn roofs, siding, wainscoting, trim, and sliding doors. 

Premium Options 

Pole barns are more than walls and roofs; they come with a variety of options. You can reduce condensation and avoid mustiness in your building by adding a cupola – which is both an aesthetically pleasing addition, as well as functional – as it adds ventilation. 

Consider the number of windows and/or skylight wall panels you want on your pole barn. Natural light can greatly increase your long-term happiness with your pole barn. 

We often recommend that pole barns are built with extra doors or doors larger than you need today. Our customers’ needs often grow with time and a larger door will accommodate those needs. 

Upgrade your pole barn with wainscoting if you’re looking to increase curb appeal, as well as protection from debris. If damaged, you only have to replace a small wainscoting panel instead of an entire sidewall. 

Snow Load 

Depending on your location, your pole barn needs to be ready to handle an expected amount of snow load. Fortunately, we make this part easy – when you start the process with our Instant Quote tool, you’ll be able to enter your ZIP code and we’ll make sure your pole barn is planned with the right capacity for snow load averages in your area.  

Pole Barn Installers 

Lastly, the actual building process is something your pole barn company should be able to help with. Whether you’re planning to build the barn yourself or want the assistance of professional, experienced builders, you shouldn’t feel lost and alone! We’re ready to help you with any questions you have during the building process. 

Even more, DIY Pole Barns has our Preferred Builder Network – making it easy for you to find a nearby builder that’s experienced and reputable to build your pole barn quickly and safely! 

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