The housing market is perpetually ebbing and flowing. Home values can skyrocket or plunge depending on the time. But property improvement is one tactic that any property owner can use to guarantee a bit more value when it comes time to resell. When planning new construction, a common question we hear is “does a pole barn add value to a home?” Of course they do!

Read on to learn about the value of adding a pole barn to your property and why it’s often a good investment for those looking to enjoy their property now and at resale!

How Much Does a Pole Barn Add Value to a Home?

Adding new outbuildings to your property is a great way to add some value to your home. Everything from garages to workshops or even “mancaves” are popular ways to expand what your property offers while you own it and when you sell it.

The actual value that your pole barn adds to your home varies. Any outbuilding will increase the worth of your property. But the size, quality and function make a big difference! Many homeowners find that their pole barn can add $10,000 or more to their home property value. Often, the value can be 50-80% of the cost of the barn itself, making it one of the best return-on-investments you can make for your property!

It’s important to remember that most new construction on any property, from home additions to pole barns to pools rarely increase the monetary value more than what they cost. Not all new construction on a property adds resale value! But the idea of adding value to a home is often a lot more than monetary!

Pole Barns Increase Selling Opportunities

In addition to raising your property value, pole barns can make a property much easier to sell:

Garages Are Often a Deal Breaker

For starters, many home shoppers are looking for key aspects of a property. Maybe they need extra bathrooms or a big basement; but for many, the biggest deal breaker is a garage. Whether they need extra space to store equipment, their vehicles, or to work on projects, lacking a garage can drive away a third of your potential homebuyers!

When it comes to selling a property, every month you own it beyond when you planned to is an additional cost to you. It’s common for some homes to struggle to sell for months – even years – depending on the state of the market and the value the property offers to homebuyers. Getting every edge you can helps prevent you from having to hold onto a property you aren’t using!

Pole Barns Are Multi-purpose

When wondering “Does a pole barn add value to a home” it’s important to remember that what you want out of a pole barn won’t always apply to the next person. Fortunately, the nature of pole barns lends them to adaptability! While you may use your pole barn as a garage, the next owner can easily bring in their equipment to turn it into a workshop. Perhaps they want to hang up drywall and turn it into a business, man-cave or even a guest house? The possibilities are endless!

Pole Barns Are Time & Cost-efficient

The two most common reasons that homeowners don’t expand their properties are the time investment and cost to do so. Many outbuildings can take months to build and cost tens of thousands of dollars for a modest building. With pole barns, you often get the most value for your money in terms of size, longevity and time investment.

Pole barns can be erected in very short order. The main benefit of pole barns is that their structural core relies on just a small amount of concrete and the poles that give them their name! Likewise, these costs are often lower – especially because you don’t need to start with a concrete foundation like you would with many other types of buildings.

If you’re considering any type of expansion on your property, especially one to give you value during resale, a pole barn can often help you recoup the highest percentage of your original costs!

A Pole Barn Adds Value While You Live There

Lastly, ask yourself if a pole barn adds value to your home while you’re still living there. The answer is almost certainly “Yes!” Almost every homeowner could use a bit more space. We tend to expand what we own to fit into the space we have – which means a constant need for more storage, more space, or new places to relax.

All the reasons that pole barns help you sell your property also apply to helping you enjoy your property while you still live there! Many homebuyers are looking for more room for their growing families, but new outbuilding may reduce your needs for moving at all! That means you can save money on moving expenses, closing costs and the other headaches associated with moving.

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