When you need more space, a pole barn is one of the best decisions you can make. Whether it’s for storage, equipment, animals or anything else, pole barns can be built quickly and with significant cost savings versus other types of structures. But when it comes to pole barn designs you may feel overwhelmed – after all, there are a lot of options to choose from!

Read on to learn some tips for planning pole barn designs that fit your needs, and options to consider for getting the most out of your new barn!

What Are Pole Barns Best Used For?

Like any good project, the most important thing to start with is what your needs are. Pole barns can be designed to do pretty much anything. Some of the most common uses are:

Pole Barn Workshops

For hobbyists, “DIY-ers” and more, a pole barn workshop can give you the space you need for all of your equipment and then some. Tools, machines and space to fit materials plus the solitude to make some noise without disrupting the whole family makes workshop barns a favorite.

Pole Barn Garages

Need space to store your vehicle? Or what about a private garage to enjoy fixing or tuning up your prized sports car? Either way, pole barn designs for garages can range from wide enough to fit several cars to tall enough for your Class A Motorhome!

Pole Barns for Horses & Animals

A classic use for a pole barn for sure! While pole barns are a preferred choice for equestrians across the world, they can be used for housing pretty much any animals your farm or property needs to protect.

Pole Barns for Business

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and need a space to expand your business, pole barns are a cost-effective way to get the ideal building to sell your goods or services!

Of course, that’s just a few of the uses. You can use your pole barn as an event hall, horse arena, mancave or anything else you have in mind. And nothing about a pole barn means it has to be specialized – many of our customers use their pole barns as garages and storage, hobby shops and mancaves or any other combination that fits their needs!

Customizing Your Own Pole Barn Designs

Pole barn designs from DIY Pole Barns are focused on giving you the tools you need to make the perfect barn with no compromises necessary! Using our Instant Quote tool, you’ll be able to jump right into designing your pole barn from the ground up – including dozens of optional features or add-ons that make it unique.

Here are the most important aspects to customizing any pole barn design:


Size is the cornerstone of any pole barn design! It’s the first thing you’ll want to decide on and the first main customization option in our Instant Quote tool. Pole barn sizes vary dramatically – from 24’x24’ all the way to 70’x120’! That’s a lot of room to get the perfect size for your design.

What you need out of your pole barn typically dictates the size you’ll want to start with. If it’s a garage, hobby shop or storage pole barn, make a list of everything you want to keep inside. Keep an eye on special circumstances, like exceptionally tall equipment, vehicles or materials; pole barns can be designed from 10’ high to 20’ high. For storing big vehicles, like RVs, you’ll want to go taller to ensure you have the clearance you need!

For animal barns like a pole barn for horses, you’ll want to do some serious planning. How many stalls will you need? Do you want a tack room? How about additional storage, or room for an interior shower stall? Spending time planning your pole barn designs will make it a lot easier during the customizing and building phases!


Choosing the right colors for your pole barn helps give your final design the appearance that fits your preference. Some love a pole barn that stands out on their property. Others prefer a quieter look that blends in and matches your entire homestead. Either way, you’ll be able to find a great color or combination of colors.

Our pole barn color preview tool makes it easy to visualize what your barn will look like. All you need to do is select your state and then choose from our variety of color options. The barn preview below will instantly update to reflect your chosen color and let you see what your barn might look like!

You can select separate color options for the roof, siding, trim, sliding door and even add a wainscot if you prefer! Check it out to get started on building your custom DIY pole barn designs today!

Pole Barn Options

If you’re designing a custom pole barn, you’ll want to take advantage of all the options available to you! The range of choices lets you fine-tune the final design and create a pole barn unlike any other. Here are the major pole barn options to consider:

  • Lean-To – Lean-tos are one of the most popular additions to any pole barn. They create an extra roof that extends past the pole barn to give you an open but protected area – perfect for porches, storage and more!
  • Doors – Your pole barn doors are a critical part of the construction. From smaller access doors to a main large door, you have plenty of options to choose from. Our pole barns can come pre-cut for all types of large doors, from sliding to overhead automatic doors!
  • Windows – Add a little light, or give your horses a convenient way to get some fresh air with window and Dutch or bale door options.
  • Exterior Options – The final touches on your pole barn are often the most fun. Exterior options include additions like a traditional cupola, roof sheathing, skylight wall panels and more.

Starting with Popular Pole Barn Designs

With all the options and choices available, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed when getting started with your pole barn design. If you want a great starting point, we offer several selections of common barn designs – including their starting pole barn price, popular uses and information!

Get started with our sample pole barns and begin customizing yours today!

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