You have a passion for classic cars and need a storage solution. Whether classic to you is a Model T, a ’57 Chevy, a Delorean or something in between, you need the right spot to store your treasures. A post-frame garage is a great way to store classic cars. They are scalable, stable, and cost effective.

Benefits of Post-Frame Construction for Storing Classic Cars

#1. Scalable Size

Do you have one car or ten? No problem – post-frame construction can be scaled to fit your needs. Keep in mind that space sounds a lot bigger on paper. Proper planning is critical; as is considering the size and location of the property you’ll be building on.

Once your structure is built and your classic beauties are polished and parked, you don’t want to be stuck wishing you’d added space for “just one more car.”  No one who plans correctly builds a garage and says, “Boy, I have too much space. I wish I’d built a smaller one.”

#2. Stability

Post-frame construction uses deep-set posts to ensure maximum stability in even the harshest conditions. It keeps your vehicles safe! These are your classic cars and you need to protect your investment. Post-frame construction is designed to be sturdy and, for those who live in areas with heavy snowfall, the roofing is calculated based on the snow load in your area. This ensures that even if the weather outside is frightful your cars will be safe and secure.

#3. Cost & Time Efficiency

Build your new garage sooner versus later, and save more money to invest in your current collection or to finally buy your next dream car. Because digging a foundation is not involved, and a poured floor is not a requirement, a post-frame construction can save thousands of dollars and go up in a matter of days vs. weeks or months. This means you have plenty of time to get that classic car garage up before the snow flies!

Build for the Vehicles You Have

Post-frame garages are flexible in size. So if you have one or two classic cars to store, you may have a simple two-bay garage in mind. If you have several cars to store, or you would like to incorporate a workshop to give you room to do restoration work, a bigger space would be advantageous.

Depending on the type and volume of classic cars you plan to store, make sure to give yourself the right kind of space and the right kind of door. It’s easier to build big and fill space than it is to deal with a post-frame garage that’s too small.

Leave Room for Your Tools

It is quite likely that if you’re the owner of one or more classic cars, part of your passion is maintaining them.  While a pole barn makes a great garage, it also makes a perfect workshop.

Take the time to plan your building with extra space beyond your cars. You’ll thank yourself that you planned enough room to keep your tools nearby and have the space to use them to keep your cars in pristine condition!

Insulation is Key

Controlling the climate as much as possible is the best way to extend the life of your classis cars. You know that constant temperature shifts are bad for cars, so plan to insulate your post-frame garage to protect them.  With the right insulation, keeping a consistent temperature is easier. A steady climate in the garage is important to preserve the plastic/rubber components of a vehicle. Just like a steady hand on the wheel is important when driving your dream car.

Don’t Forget about Ventilation

Air flow is a factor you don’t want to overlook, even if you are planning to simply store your vehicles. Without proper air flow, humidity can build up inside the garage, and sudden temperature changes can create condensation that can wear away at your vehicle.

If you plan to work on your car, air flow is even more important. You need to keep the space well-ventilated so that fumes and toxic gases don’t build-up. Never work on your cars in a space if there isn’t adequate ventilation. Adding windows can be an option to aid in the airflow and ventilation – especially if you’ll be working in your garage for extended periods of time. DIY Pole Barns offers four types of window choices, but the two insulated vinyl options – sliding or double-hung – would help control the climate in your garage the best.

Fans and vents move the air, pulling it up and out of your garage. There are several venting options when planning your post-frame construction. It’s important to remember each area has specific building codes, so be sure to obtain the proper permits for your building and any electrical work.

Plan Your Flooring

Concrete flooring is more expensive than gravel, but it can certainly be easier to work with a classic car on concrete. When properly sealed and cured, concrete will also help protect from moisture – a major issue for the undercarriage of vehicles. However, a concrete floor won’t completely eliminate moisture. Proper insulation and ventilation can keep humidity to a minimum.

Gravel flooring is an easier and less expensive choice, but moisture and humidity become a bigger factor to consider with this type of flooring.  You may need to invest more heavily in insulation and ventilation. Adding stronger fans will move the air and help expel excess moisture.

The right balance of insulation and ventilation will keep moisture to a minimum whether you choose a gravel or concrete floor. You can control the climate and humidity in order to keep your classic cars in tip-top shape through all kinds of weather.

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