Space, it may be the final frontier on Star Trek, but here on Earth it is the reason people build outbuildings! Whether you are an entrepreneur, an equestrian, need a garage – or simply a way to declutter the one you have – looking at the advantages post-frame construction offers is smart.

There are many reasons pole barns (or post-frame construction) have been a popular choice for outbuildings since the 1930s. In fact, according to the National Frame Building Association (NFBA), “Post-frame construction is an efficient and economical option for low-rise applications and is now the construction method of choice for any number of commercial, industrial, municipal, residential, religious, and agricultural projects.”

Here we will look at the top 5 advantages of this type of construction and why post frame construction is such a popular choice.

What Is Post Frame Construction?

Post frame construction is a method of building that involves the use of large posts or poles as the primary support structure. These posts are either buried directly into the ground or set on a concrete foundation. The technique is known for its simplicity and effectiveness, since it doesn’t require a continuous foundation along the perimeter of the building.

This method utilizes large, solid posts to support the roof, and sometimes the walls, of the structure. The space between these posts can be wide, which reduces the amount of structural materials needed and simplifies the overall construction process. It’s popular for a lot of functional structures, like garages, horse barns, or even businesses!

The origins of post frame construction trace back to the 1930s in the United States, initially developed as an economical solution for agricultural buildings like barns and storage sheds. Its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and the minimal materials required made it an attractive option for farmers.

Over the years, the application of post frame construction expanded beyond agricultural settings to include commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. The evolution of this construction method has been marked by improvements in materials and techniques, allowing it to meet modern building standards and preferences for versatile, open space designs.

Post Frame Construction Benefits


The effective yet simple design of post-frame construction requires fewer materials and results in easier, faster construction. This lowers the cost of materials and, when necessary to hire contractors, can also lower those costs.

The posts that support the structure are placed directly into the ground which results in little to no foundation costs.  This means that a continuous concrete foundation isn’t necessary and reduces time and money in the construction process.

Built to Last

Just like telephone poles – the pole barn’s namesake – are designed to last through decades of wind, rain and snow, post-frame construction is designed to withstand years of weather. The force of wind and snow is transferred into the soil due to the deeply-seated poles. DIY Pole Barns calculates snow loads into the design of your project and adjusts the spacing of your trusses based on the snow load in your area.

The larger, deep-seated poles provide higher resistance to harsh weather than stick-built designs. These sturdy materials naturally give your building a longer life span than other types of construction.

Great for a Variety of Uses

Farmers may have been the major builders of pole barns at one time, but barns aren’t the only possibility with post-frame construction; and they aren’t just for farmers anymore! Post-frame construction has continued to gain popularity with such uses as:

  • Pole barn garages are a popular and low-cost way to protect your vehicles, tools, lawn and garden equipment, bicycles, etc.
  • Workshops are a great budget-friendly solution for home businesses, art studios or construction shops. They give you the space you need without disturbing or disrupting family life with noise, odors or safety issues. You’ll have plenty of room for production, fulfillment and everything in between.
  • Hobby shops give you a dedicated space to work on cars, boats, woodworking or other projects.
  • Man-caves create personal space – a place to tinker on projects, relax and watch the game – or both! With post-frame construction, your personal-space oasis can be a reality that you can even build yourself.

The solid materials, ease of construction, and cost-effectiveness of post-frame construction has even led many to build pole-barn homes!

Possibility of Open Spaces

The nature of post-frame construction allows for open floor plans without the need for interior support walls. This feature is necessary for some uses like large arenas, event facilities or even hangars. The variety of doors available, including hydraulic doors, is an important option when standard doors are not large enough for planes, oversize equipment or other items of considerable size related to your open floor plan needs.

Quick to Build

Fewer materials & simpler design means faster build times. Since the posts are the foundation rather than concrete, you save all the time it would normally take to prep, pour and cure a traditional concrete foundation.  This means if you can build it faster, you can use it sooner!

The straightforward, simple, affordable and complete process means fewer hassles and surprises than other types of construction.

Additionally, this construction style adapts well to most terrain. So with thoughtful planning, no matter what type of land you live on, post-frame construction is faster and easier to build.

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