There are many reasons to build a pole barn at your home. One of the most popular types of pole barns, however, is the pole barn garage. You can approach a pole barn garage in a variety of ways – but if you plan to store a large vehicle, there are some extra considerations to plan for. Read on to learn about the benefits of RV garages built using pole barn construction and tips for planning your own pole barn!

Benefits of a Pole Barn RV Garage

Avoid Weathering Damage

An RV, like any vehicle, is as much an investment as it is a tool for travel. Keeping your investment in good shape is important, and one of the most popular reasons to build a pole barn garage. If you don’t have a garage that can fit your RV, it often sits outside through all sorts of weather: rain, wind, snow and even sunlight.

By safeguarding your RV inside an insulated pole barn, you can extend the lifetime of your RV by years – and reduce your risk of needing surprise repairs. Your RV will get enough time in nature during your camping trips, so it’s helpful to have a safe place to keep it during the off-season.

Save Money on Storage Fees

Renting storage space may seem financially sound in the short-term, but every dollar you spend renting is lost. And if you’ve spent money on offsite RV storage before, you know it’s not cheap! Due to the size of even medium RVs, you often pay more than you planned for seasonal or year-round storage!

When you build your own RV garage barn, you’re not just creating a convenient place to store and protect your RV: you’re investing back into your own property. Instead of losing money to rent, your property has a beautiful new RV garage that can offer storage space for your RVs and more.

Easier Access

Without your own RV storage barn on your property, it can be a hassle to access your RV when you’re finally ready for that big vacation. If you keep it outside, you may have to clear it of snow or inspect it for potential weather damage. And if you keep it in a rental garage, you have to pack everything twice – once to get it to your RV, and another to get it inside the RV.

A pole barn garage on your property is easy to access. Packing is quick and you don’t have to worry about your RV being stored where you can’t keep an eye on it.

RV Garage Plans

Want to plan out your own RV garage? You can get an instant online pole barn estimate with our price calculator. Choosing your overall design and features is easy, letting you get an idea of your costs in just minutes.

Tips for Building a Pole Barn Garage for RVs

The most important part of building your pole barn is the planning stage. This is when you can decide on key factors such as:

  • Do you need room for more than one RV?
  • Do you want additional space for storing RV equipment or other tools?
  • How many windows or additional doors do you want?
  • What type of garage door will you be using?

The earlier you decide on these factors, the better. If you want an idea of how you can customize your pole barn, you can design one and get an instant quote online!

Height Is Critical

Every RV owner should know the height of their RV. The farther you drive across the country, the more likely you are to come across underpasses that may be a tight fit for larger campers. You don’t want to run into this issue with your RV pole barn garage, either!

A large recreational vehicle on the road.

There are two things to consider with your RV when planning the height of your RV garage barn door:

#1. Do you think you may ever purchase a larger RV?

#2. If you have a fifth wheel RV, what is its height when hooked up to your tow vehicle?

It’s much easier to plan your original pole barn design than to remodel later. DIY Pole Barns offers standard door sizes up to 14 feet tall. This is enough to handle any standard RV. It’s recommended to go with a height like this to prevent issues when upgrading or hitching your RV to your tow vehicle.

Get an Automatic Door

You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your pole barn door. But when you’re using your pole barn as a garage for an RV or any type of vehicle, the convenience of an automatic door is hard to overstate.

Even if you don’t use your RV that much, you’ll appreciate the ease of moving your RV in and out of your garage without having to get out of your tow vehicle or the RV to lock up.

Leave Yourself Some Extra Room

Pole barn garages can be roomy or designed to fit their intended vehicle. But it’s always recommended to try to add some additional space, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.

Performing basic maintenance on your RV is easier with extra room to store tools or move around freely. It also helps when you need to inevitably clean out your RV. The more room you have inside the garage, the less you need to keep inside the RV. This can save you a lot of stress when you’re deep-cleaning your RV or trying to access important parts for maintenance.

Consider a Lean-to Carport

If you don’t want to design your pole barn to fit an RV and an additional vehicle, you have another option: a lean-to. This lets you safely protect another vehicle from the weather without needing to park it inside the garage.

This is the perfect place for your tow vehicle, or can serve as just another place to store a family car. Lean-tos add a unique style to your garage and give you more options with how to use it years down the road.

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