If you love everything equine and live in Ohio, there’s almost always an equestrian event or competition happening near you!

At DIY Pole Barns, we have a special place in our hearts for equestrians. Listen to Sydney’s building experience to learn more in our video.

When it comes to the biggest and best events, there are two major horse shows in Ohio that are considered must-sees for anyone in the United States! Read on to find out more about the shows and when they’re happening!

Equine Affaire | April 6 – 9, 2017

Equine Affaire is the North America’s premier equine exposition and equestrian gathering, happening at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio – and it’s coming up soon! This massive horse show in Ohio features everything from education to competition. Whether you’re coming as a spectator or a participant, there’s a lot to discover over the three days of this event. Here’s a list of everything you can experience:

An Unparalleled Education Program

With hundreds of training clinics, demos, and seminars presented by the most well-respected coaches, experts, and competitors in the industry, there’s something to learn for everyone. Make sure to check out the staggering full list of the presenters at the Equine Affaire!

The Versatile Horse and Rider Competition

This wildly popular competition returns for another year, featuring up to 25 horse and rider combinations. Each competitor must complete the timed and judged race through a difficult obstacle course designed to put the communication between horse and rider to the test! With a handful of prizes, including in $5,500 cash prizes, it’s sure to be a great competition.

Browsing and Shopping Opportunities

With the largest horse-related trade show in North America, the Equine Affaire will have plenty of opportunity to browse through a variety of equine products and services. The Marketplace Consignment Store also has an opportunity for you to turn your old equestrian items into cash or to shop for great deals too!

Incredible Exhibits and Networking

The popular Breed Pavilion offers visitors a chance to be introduced to new horse breeds and their owners for learning and networking. The Horse and Farm exhibits let you connect with horse owners, horse farm owners, and horse service providers familiar with all breeds of horses and every equestrian discipline. Whether you’re looking to discover a new breed, or just interested in learning everything there is to know about horses, these exhibits have everything you could want and more.

The Fantasia

Don’t forget the signature musical celebration of the horse at the Equine Affaire! The Fantasia promises to be an exciting evening of entertainment, featuring professional performers and exceptional horses choreographed to a wonderful range of musical styles. This event is separate from the main event, requiring its own ticket for admission.


All American Quarter Horse Congress | October 3 – 29, 2017

The Quarter Horse Congress is the world’s largest single-breed horse show, not to mention Columbus, Ohio’s largest annual convention! It will take place at the Ohio Expo Center this year and has been held in Columbus since 1967. The AAQHC attracts over 650,000 people to the Columbus area and has over 23,500 horse show entries!

With competitors traveling from all over the United States to attend, the AAQHC has plenty to do for spectators and competitors alike:

Over a Dozen Horse Show Events

The event features a handful of scheduled competitions from the Level 1 Amateur Select Trail/NSBA to the 4 & 5-Year-Old Open Trail Stakes. The full schedule for the All American Quarter Horse Congress is available on their website.

Intercollegiate and Junior Horse Judging Contest

The AAQHC features the largest intercollegiate and youth judging contest in the country. Students from across the United States converge on the Congress and form judging teams of three to five members. These teams place four Halter classes and eight performance classes, incorporating mares, stallion, or geldings.

Many Special Events

With a load of extra events, the AAQHC has everything from dummy roping to mounted shooting and more. The full list of special events isn’t yet finalized, so it might be a good idea to check back in closer to the date of the event to see everything that will be happening at this major show.

Trade Show

With more than 250 commercial exhibit spaces, you’ll be able to find anything you might be looking for at the show. With everything from show clothing to trailers to even equine art, it’s a shopping experience not to be missed.

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