Working on your hobby can be the best part of your day. But some hobbies need more space than others. If you’re tired of working in the cramped basement or outside fighting the elements, a pole barn workshop is a great way to get the workspace of your dreams at an economical price. With the ability to customize your complete design, you can create the perfect shop to enjoy your hobby comfortably and productively!

Popular Pole Barn Workshops

Almost any hobby can quickly outgrow the space dedicated to it. When you’re trying to pack everything into the basement or one room in your home, it can cause a lot of frustration! Your dream project may be impossible to complete without the extra space you need. While there are thousands of hobbies out there that would benefit from a pole barn workshop, there are a few common ones that we see often. Here are some popular types of hobby shops and tips for building the best pole barn workshop:

Woodworking Shop

A pole barn is great for woodworking and general carpentry – especially if your projects are primarily larger than birdhouses and end tables. The extra space will finally give you a chance to work on that dream project you keep putting off because you can’t figure out how you’d get it out of the basement when you were done. And even if your typical woodworking projects aren’t so grandiose, a dedicated shop lets you keep your tools and materials nearby. No more marching back and forth to the garage because you ended up needing your belt sander after all!

Pro Tip: Consider the size project that you work on most and select the pole barn size accordingly. This will vary from person to person, and DIY Pole Barns offers several options to make sure you have enough space to work. Keep in mind to account for everything! You need a workspace, your tools, your materials, and some extra space to store your projects as you work on them. If you aren’t sure, it’s better to err on the side of slightly too much space.

Pole Barn Garage

If you love working on cars or other vehicles, a proper garage workshop will make an incredible difference in what you can get done. It’s certainly better than working on cars outside in the elements – but even if you’re currently using a small home garage, a dedicated pole barn garage is a night and day difference! Plus, you can reclaim your home garage and finally park your car back in it!

Depending on what types of vehicles you love to work on, you can find a pole barn design that works for you. If you have farm equipment, RVs or other large vehicles, we recommend a pole barn of at least 14’ high. See some completed DIY Pole Barn garages on our website to get an idea of what might work for you. Each gallery includes information on the features chosen by our customers.

Pro Tip: It’s important to think about proper ventilation when building your pole barn garage workshop. Not only will this make your time in the barn more enjoyable, it will help to avoid moisture accumulation, mold, and mildew.

Home Gym

Getting yourself to the gym is a lot easier when it’s right next to your house! A home gym not only gives you complete control over the equipment, it also saves you membership fees and headaches. With the sign-up fees and monthly costs for everyone in your family, a home gym could easily pay for itself in just a few years. Not to mention, you’ll never have to wait for someone else to finish with the equipment you need.

Pro Tip: Plan to include insulation in your pole barn if being used for a home gym. Exercising in extreme temperatures can make even the most health-conscious individual skip a workout.

Home Studio

Pole barn home studios are a great way to give you peace and quiet while working on your hobby. Whether you create pottery and need space for your equipment, or you’re a photographer that needs to setup ideal lighting, you can create the exact studio to fit your needs. You can even consider creating an “all-purpose” studio that’s big enough for more than one hobby – just make sure to sit down and plan the size you’ll need before you start.

Pro Tip: Some hobbies benefit from natural light. When selecting windows, consider not only the aesthetics but the placement and functionality of windows.

If you need inspiration for your hobby shop, you can look at our gallery of DIY Pole Barn workshops completed for our customers!

More Tips for Planning Your Pole Barn

#1. Make a Detailed Plan

The planning stage is the best time you have to think about what your pole barn workshop will need. It’s always easier to spend extra time on the planning stage than trying to revise it half-way through or after it’s finished. DIY Pole Barns have a variety of special features that you can include with your design.

On top of choosing features, it’s likely that your pole barn hobby shop will need electricity. This can be a lot more difficult than simply running some wires. Our guide on pole barn building and electrical codes can help you during the planning stage.

#2. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Depending on your hobby, make sure you include suitable ventilation for your safety. If you’re working with paints or chemicals, your workshop must include ventilation or windows. For pole barn garage shops, it’s crucial to have adequate ventilation for both vehicle exhaust as well as any fumes from chemicals you may be using.

#3. Choose the Right Insulation

Insulating our pole barn can be easy – but with all the options out there, what’s right for you? Read our breakdown on different types of insulation here. Keep in mind that if your pole barn workshop will involve power tools or other loud noises, you might want to lean towards insulation that offers good soundproofing too!

#4. Don’t Wait to Install Plumbing & Electrical!

If you’re planning on plumbing or electrical with your pole barn hobby shop, you won’t want to wait until the building is finished to start on these projects. It can be far more expensive and time consuming to add them in later. Before you even pour concrete, plan exactly how and when you will be installing these components.

If you’re not an expert, it’s best to consult someone who is. We can help point you in the right direction when you have questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us during the planning stages of your pole barn!

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