There has been a surge in greenhouse popularity. Building a pole barn with an attached greenhouse is a great way to extend the growing season – especially for the cooler regions. Pole barns are a wonderful place to store tools and equipment, so when you add an attached greenhouse, everything you need will be conveniently located. They are also a great way to add value to your home.

Why Pole Barns Are Great Bases for a Lean-to Greenhouse

The lean-to greenhouse is a popular style when attaching a greenhouse to a pole barn. The fact that pole barns are so customizable makes them a great greenhouse base. They are easy to construct and once they are built, there is no limit to how you use them. Need a man cave? Add a lean-to greenhouse and you have a connected “she shed.” Looking for a lush, tropical get-a-way on your own property? A lean-to greenhouse can become your own little oasis. Investing in an event barn? A lean-to greenhouse can add the perfect place to grow flowers for all the decoration needs onsite or provide a perfect location for wedding pictures no matter the weather. The list of options is only limited by your imagination.

The ease of construction and reasonable pricing is another reason to choose a pole barn with attached greenhouse; especially when comparing the other types of buildings and construction options available. Pole barns provide an extremely sturdy base for your greenhouse. The foundation of posts cemented directly into the ground means they withstand high winds and offer your lean-to greenhouse protection from inclement weather when positioned to shield the greenhouse from the brunt of strong winds.

Another benefit to consider when planning your greenhouse is an access door from the pole barn. When you have interior access to your greenhouse, it means never having to expose delicate flowers, plants or seedlings to a blast of arctic weather as you enter or exit the greenhouse. A pole barn with attached greenhouse provides a natural weather buffer both from outside wind damage and drastic temperature fluctuations.

Can I Add a Greenhouse to Any Pole Barn?

Adding a lean-to greenhouse is the perfect option; it is also the trendy one. No matter your greenhouse motivation: wanting more control over your food source in uncertain times, extending the growing season in your area, or expanding a new hobby in horticulture, lean-tos are a type of addition that DIY Pole Barn kits are prepared for. The standard metal roof of a DIY Pole Barn lean-to can easily be replaced with greenhouse friendly parts.

No matter the size of pole barn you build, a greenhouse can be attached. Simply consider your needs and for both the greenhouse and the pole barn and build to suit, customizing as you go to fit your needs and your budget with the instant quote tool.

Already have a pole barn? Adding a greenhouse shouldn’t be an issue, but you’ll want to check you’re your local codes and regulations in advance to be sure.

Planning a Pole Barn with Attached Greenhouse

It’s important to plan appropriately if you’re going to build a new pole barn and have already determined that you want an attached greenhouse. Three main points come into play: location, location, location. In this case, that’s referring to site location, greenhouse location and access door location!

Keeping the sun and the wind in mind, you’ll want to choose a location and placement that allows the greenhouse to get the best sun on the property, namely a southern-facing exposure. However, the west winds, or “prevailing westerlies” tend to bring storms from west to east. Planning your pole barn location so that the barn protects the greenhouse from the west winds and affords ample sunlight with as southern of an exposure as possible should provide the necessary storm protection and sunlight to afford the best growing conditions for the plants in your greenhouse.

Remember to add the extra door to provide interior access to the greenhouse when you are planning the number and types of pole barn doors. You may also want an exterior greenhouse door, but having that alternate interior door for access from the pole barn not only provides that natural buffer from extreme weather, but also allows quick access to tools and supplies that you may be storing in the pole barn.

Finally, when you are considering the size of your pole barn, you’ll want to make sure it has an exterior wall long enough to accommodate the lean-to greenhouse.

With planning and careful consideration of all the factors, you’ll soon join the growing trend of people building a pole barn with attached greenhouse to accommodate the trend of growing your own flowers, plants and vegetables right in your own back yard.

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