The flexibility of pole barns means every owner has their own ideas of how to use one. But one of the most common reasons to get a new barn is for extra storage! On a farm, private property, commercial property or anywhere else, pole barn storage is a popular way to find a place for everything you need to pack away – conveniently close to you and at an exceptionally good price!

Read on to learn more about pole barn storage and why a new barn for your property is the best way to keep everything organized!

Why Pole Barns Are Great for Storage

Open Space

When it comes to storage, an open space is a must. The more interior walls or supports there are, the harder it becomes to pack away your boxes, equipment or machinery the way you want. The post-frame design of a pole barn creates an interior free of obstructions from end to end!

It’s no surprise, then, that pole barn storage space is often used as a personal garage or agricultural equipment storage. Even if you have big vehicles, like RVs, pole barns can be built tall to accommodate the necessary headroom to keep them safely accessible inside.

Even if you plan to use your pole barn as a workshop or hobby shop, it’s important that you can bring in all the materials you need for your work. Large piles of lumber, metal or anything else you can think of will fit easily away in one part of your pole barn while you use the rest for your tools and workbench.

Scalable Design

In addition to interior space, pole barns are popular due to how customizable the sizes are. Do you need a single car garage in your backyard, or a massive warehouse-sized barn for several pieces of heavy machinery? It’s all within the scope of a pole barn project!

When customizing your pole barn storage building in our Instant Quote tool, you’ll discover you can range your design from 24’x24’ to a whopping 70’x200’! Despite the massive size differences, pole barns of any dimensions retain all the benefits of being easy to construct, exceptionally stable and full of open interior space.  The important thing is that the pole barn you design is right for you and your property.

Stable & Safe

The last thing you want to worry about when storing anything is whether or not it’s safe. Fortunately with pole barns, stability and safety are built in to the engineering! Post frames are designed to handle all types of weather, including:

  • Snow – When building your pole barn through our tool, a customized snow load is calculated based on your area to ensure your pole barn is ready for harsh winter snowfall
  • Wind – Pole barns can be destructive to buildings of all types, but pole barns are well suited for handling high winds, to avoid uplift and common weak links that may be part of other construction types
  • Seismic Activity – Yes, even earthquakes can have their damage mitigated by the support and stability offered by post frame design!

Like any building, a strong enough storm or natural disaster can take down a pole barn too. However, when it comes to standing the test of time, a pole barn is one of the best types of buildings for withstanding common structural flaws that can topple other types of construction! Especially if you take the time to properly maintain your pole barn.

Tips for Pole Barn Storage Planning

Think About Entryways

It’s not just the inside that counts when it comes to pole barn storage. You want to make sure it’s easy to access, including both moving large equipment in and out or just getting to the storage area you need. For pole barn garages and workshops, it’s often a good idea to plan for a large door. Our team will design your pole barn with a space for the door of your choosing – like an automatic door or a simple sliding barn door.

Of course, you don’t always want to open the big door to get in and out of your pole barn. You can customize your final design with several doorways on any side of the structure to simplify entering and exiting!

Proper Placement is Key

If you’re fitting a pole barn into a backyard of your home in a populated residential area, you may be limited in your options for siting. But for commercial and larger homestead properties, it’s critical that you spend time planning the right location for your storage barn.

The ideal storage barn is close enough to be easily accessible. After all, you won’t want to carry heavy objects back and forth from your barn if it’s too far from your main structure. Likewise, if you plan to commonly access it with a vehicle, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of space to mark out or pour concrete for a driveway from the barn door to the nearest road.

Consider Insulation

Lastly, insulation shouldn’t be overlooked even for a storage-focused pole barn. The reality is that moisture and extreme temperatures don’t mix well with vehicles or expensive equipment.

There are a lot of options when it comes to how you insulate your pole barn. If you want to protect the interior, or just make it more livable, read our guide on pole barn insulation for your next project!

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