They say the eyes are windows to your soul. When it comes to pole barns, the windows give a little soul to your building. Windows can be functional or fashionable. They help with climate and moisture control as well as natural lighting.

The combination of doors and windows can change the functionality of your pole barn depending on its intended use. Pole barn windows are available in a variety of materials to fit any need and any budget. Starting with the end in mind as you plan your pole barn will help determine what pole barn windows you need.

Where to Start: Your Pole Barn Purpose

The first question to ask when selecting pole barn windows is, “What is my pole barn’s main purpose?” Will this be a garage or storage shed? Are you building a horse barn? Is your end goal a business or rental space? Maybe you are building a new home. Whatever the case, each different scenario will affect the total number of windows, the type of material and the placement of pole barn windows for the maximum benefit.

Another important step is determining the size of your pole building. The size of your building will affect the number of pole barn windows you’ll need as well. If you are in the beginning stages of planning a pole barn, researching the types of buildings and their uses can be helpful in deciding on the size and what types of doors and pole barn windows you’ll need.

A single window may work well in a small storage shed for garden tools and equipment; or with a pedestrian door and large overhead door, it may not even require pole barn windows. However, building a livestock barn requires multiple pole barn windows and doors strategically placed throughout with the best ventilation, heating, cooling, and lighting in mind. 

Types of Pole Barn Windows

All three types of vinyl windows are available with the option of being insulated. Insulated windows help protect against extreme temperatures and moisture issues. If climate control isn’t necessary, single pane windows are available. These windows are more cost effective if you don’t need to heat or cool your building.


Horizontal sliding vinyl windows are available in three sizes: 3’ x 2’, 3’ x 3’, and 3’x 4’. This standard option offers simple, clean lines and plenty of natural light.

Single Hung

The single hung vinyl pole barn windows come in three sizes: 32” x 36”, 32” x 42”, and 36” x 48”. These windows give a more residential feel to your pole barn project. They can be a great option for homes, garages – especially those near or attached to your home – and event barns.

Single Hung with Grids

The single hung vinyl pole barn windows are also available with grids. While grids once provided a way to achieve a large window with many small panes of glass, the window grids of today are simply for aesthetic purposes. This option is a design choice that can carry the look of a more traditional or colonial home or building.

Add Your Own Window with Our Instant Quote Tool!

If you have your own window in mind, the Instant Quote tool also allows the option for choosing the opening only as part of the design in your kit. You’ll have the freedom to install the window of your choice.

What About Windows for Horse Barns?

In addition to pole barn windows, when you’re planning a horse barn it’s important to look at the door options. DIY Pole Barns offers Dutch doors and bale doors. Both are available with or without glass and there’s even the option for designing an opening only in your kit if you choose to install your own door. Either way, your horses can enjoy fresh air while you enjoy the fresh look of your pole barn.

Looking for more inspiration from others who’ve built horse barns and other buildings? Many equestrians share their stories of building their horse barns of varying sizes and uses.

No matter the size and design of your building, your pole barn windows will not only be functional but will reflect your personal style choice.

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